CBD and Benadryl – Understanding Interactions

Quick Answers to Your Questions About CBD & Benadryl

Can you take Benadryl and CBD together?

Good news – there are no known significant interactions when CBD and Benadryl are taken together. However, it is important to be mindful of how you feel when taking two close together because the combination could lead to increased drowsiness. 

Why? CBD and Benadryl both affect the body’s endocannabinoid system but do so in different ways. But before we dive deeper into the effects of CBD and Benadryl, we first must establish that the endocannabinoid system controls many critical bodily functions such as pain, inflammation, and immune responses, along with metabolism and sleep. 

Benadryl is an antihistamine that works by blocking the histamine response in the body, helping to combat allergic symptoms. Every person is different in terms of how they metabolize Benadryl and CBD, and they may have different effects from combining the two. 

Depending on your body’s response to CBD and Benadryl, along with the dose taken, both substances may cause sedation. It’s possible that the combination could enhance some of the side effects that can be caused by Benadryl such as dizziness, difficulty concentrating, or impaired motor function.

Since both CBD and Benadryl can have sedative effects (especially if taken in excess), it is not advisable to operate machinery when combining the two substances. 

If you are considering combining these two substances, it is important to know that if you deal with liver issues, you should consult a doctor beforehand. CBD can affect the way certain medications are metabolized in the body, especially ones that are broken down by the liver. There is a possibility for interaction when Benadryl is added to the mix because it is also metabolized by the liver. 

How long should you wait after using CBD to use Benadryl?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer for how long to wait between taking CBD and Benadryl since everyone’s body reacts differently to substances like these. You should pay attention to how your body feels. 

You should be able to gauge the effects of CBD within 30-45 minutes of taking it. See if you feel any drowsiness from CBD before you add Benadryl to the mix. Benadryl is quickly absorbed with peak effects achieved within one hour after ingestion. When combining most medications with CBD, you should wait an hour, before or after taking CBD, to avoid interference with how your body absorbs the medication.

Understanding More About Benadryl & Its Side-Effects

Whether it’s for allergies or to help you fall asleep, Benadryl is a common over-the-counter allergy medication that many people have in their medicine cabinets. The antihistamine ingredients in Benadryl are known to cause drowsiness in many people, but there are other potential side effects as well.

In addition to drowsiness, the listed side effects of Benadryl are dizziness, constipation, upset stomach, blurred vision, low blood pressure, and dryness of the mouth, nose, or throat. 

In most cases, the side effects of Benadryl are mild and resolve themselves quickly. However, there are potentially serious side effects that can be increased by certain things. 

Benadryl has interactions with alcohol and health conditions like glaucoma, certain breathing conditions, and enlarged prostate to name a few. Medications that interact with Benadryl can either decrease its effects, affect how it works, or increase the severity of side effects. 

There is a long list of prescription medications that interact with Benadryl, so check your prescription label or contact your doctor with any questions. 

Understanding More About the Effects of CBD

CBD can provide numerous health benefits for your body and mind while offering next to no side effects. Although the list of CBD uses is long, the main sought-after effects of regular CBD use include lessening anxiety and depression, assisting in sleep, pain, providing inflammation relief, along with skincare uses. 

CBD offers relaxing benefits for the mind and body, which makes it an obvious choice for helping with stress, anxiety, and mild depression. In addition to the mental relief component of CBD, this natural stress reliever also reduces physical symptoms of anxiety such as feeling shaky, sweaty, or experiencing a rapid heartbeat. 

Another common use for CBD is assisting with sleep. By calming your nervous system and soothing your mind, CBD naturally leads to an easier time falling asleep and achieving restorative sleep when added to your nightly bedtime routine. 

CBD is non-intoxicating, so there are no worries about experiencing an altered mental state, and has an overall low chance of potential side effects. Although often well-tolerated, CBD can cause side effects such as dry mouth, reduced appetite, drowsiness, and fatigue

To minimize the likelihood of developing side effects from taking CBD, choose products from a reputable company with third-party lab testing to ensure the quality of CBD being used. Stay hydrated and start with a small dosage to see how you feel before increasing. 

Make sure to talk to your doctor if you take prescription medication for seizures, blood thinners, liver disease medications, or any other major health issue before using CBD and Benadryl together. 


By Emily Wegener

With a unique background as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Masters Degree in Teaching and experience in Psychology, Emily spends much of her time researching and trying out new holistic healing modalities.