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"Botanika Life exists to empower people to make altogether more positive choices for their wellness journey, from the inside out and the outside in. When I properly care for my body and mind, I bring my best self to the table."
CEO, Benny Shabtai


A personal Journey to Plant-Based Wellness 

Benny Shabtai always had a deep appreciation for high-end quality and diligent craftsmanship, attributes that led him to founding Swiss watchmaker company, Raymond Weil USA. As he grew older, he began to turn his inquisitive mind towards his own everyday health. 

When introduced to CBD as a plant-based alternative to the traditional pharmaceuticals he regularly consumed, he lowered his blood pressure and blood sugar levels within a mere few weeks. 

Inspired by this revelation and new found dedication to natural holistic wellness, he set out to collaborate with experienced, like-minded individuals to craft CBD-based solutions of the highest caliber. His goal? Clean formulas solely reliant upon organically grown plants that deliver premium-level results.



Journey from Hemp to CBD


 Simple and effective formulas built on luxury-quality ingredients - Every ingredient serves a purpose for the betterment of the user experience and end results. When it comes to everyday wellness, don't cut corners or costs. We continually test new formulas and ingredients in order to perfect our products.


 Plant-based ingredients organically grown in the USA free from pesticides and GMOS - Every decision the farmers make—from the soil's nutrients to whether to use pesticides—shapes the plant's integrity and the direct impact it has on our bodies. Therefore, we solely partner with farmers in Oregon and Colorado who believe in our ethos of quality, not quantity.  


Sustainable practices from start-to-finish - We strongly believe that wellness not only pertains to what we put into our bodies, but also the environment in which we live. Therefore, we are committed to making sustainable choices at every step of our products' journey. This means making small batches to minimize waste, growing and crafting the products within the USA to reduce our carbon footprint, and using recycled plastics and all-biodegradable packaging. 


Transparency into product integrity - We appreciate that there's a big difference between claiming to have clean products and proving that you have clean products. That's why we seek third-party lab testing and publish results for customers to readSee for yourself the concentration of CBD, as well as whether pesticides, e.coli and other harmful substances are present.