About Us


Botanika Life is a premium line of hemp derived products (topical and for consumption) designed to engender health, happiness, harmony and a holistic way of life. Our products retain the plant’s original terpenes and phytocannabinoids to deliver a formula which is derived from select hemp cultivated in the USA.

We have zeroed in on an element of the cannabis plant that was legal, safe, non-habit forming and loaded with not only one or two medical benefits, but an entire world of healing properties that could help so many. Natural healing through hemp became our purpose.

Botanika Life offers a dynamic collection of all-natural, THC-free hemp derived products — topical and for consumption — that are non-habit forming, non-psychoactive and perfectly safe for all members of the family. Each product is FDA and DSHEA compliant, made with the highest quality formulation and designed for complete balance of body and mind.