At Botanika Life, we use organically grown hemp in all of our CBD products. That’s because we understand that a quality product begins with quality ingredients. We use only hemp extracts from whole plants that are organically grown by farmers in the U.S to create our CBD hemp oil for pain relief, overall health, and personal beauty. Our commitment to using only organically grown hemp upholds the values of founders and is part of our overall commitment to reducing the environmental impact of all businesses. 

Man examining a hemp plant in the field.

What Does It Mean?

Organically grown hemp uses long-standing farming techniques that support soil health. This is important because healthy soils produce healthy plants and sustain a biodiverse, balanced ecology on the farm. The natural give and take that develops among plant pests and their predators supports the needs of humans, birds, mammals, and native landscapes.

Crops are certified to be organically grown by the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) as well as organizations such as the U.S. Hemp Authority. To be certified, organic farmers must submit samples, carefully record any soil-building inputs, and meet requirements that reduce erosion, maintain clean water, and rotate crop areas. Organic farmers do not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, and they endeavor to improve the soil through natural means.

Why Should I Care?

Like us, our customers seek out organic products because they want to help keep the water, air, and soil void of harmful chemicals and toxins. They also want to keep harmful compounds away from their bodies. In addition, the fertile soils cultivated through organic farming methods increase the number of nutrients available to growing plants. Plants respond by developing more fully. Our organically grown, full-spectrum CBD hemp oil is a potent antioxidant compound. It contains all the phytochemicals, trace cannabinoids, and essential oils, or terpenes, contained in the hemp plant.

Botanika Life CBD Products

You can find out more about the cannabis-derived cannabidiol oil used in Botanika Life products by visiting CBD 101. After all, our high-quality ingredients and luxurious process take time, commitment, and patience.

In our clean personal beauty products, full-spectrum CBD oil helps increase the regeneration of new skin cells and collagen production. It reduces inflammation and redness, also protecting the skin from environmental damage, such as sun and wind.

When it comes to using CBD hemp oil for pain, it has been shown to act as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic, reducing pain through its effects on the nervous and immune systems in our bodies. Botanika Life offers pain relief in several concentrations of full-spectrum CBD, along with a variety of textures for application on the skin. Pain-relieving effects vary by individual, based on metabolism and the level of pain. We combine lidocaine, menthol, arnica, and CBD oil for pain relief that is plant-based and vegan.

The line of Botanika Life full-spectrum CBD wellness products includes ingestibles to improve the quality of your sleep, as well as mood and stress balls for soaking in the bath.

Powerful Organic Hemp with Botanika Life

Your health is important to us. Explore our high-quality CBD products for personal beauty, pain relief, and daily life enhancement. We support organic agriculture for its beneficial effects on the environment. And we use the harvest of potent, organically grown hemp plants to extract full-spectrum CBD hemp oil. Find out how CBD-infused products from Botanika Life can help you.