Can CBD Stop Itching? Tips for Finding Relief

Itchiness rears its ugly head for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it's the dry wintery weather that naturally zaps your skin’s moisture. Perhaps it’s medical conditions like eczema or psoriasis, the side-effect of a medication you take, or you’re currently pregnant. Regardless, itchiness can be more than a mere mild annoyance. 

As the title of this piece suggests, CBD can stop itching in some cases and provide partial relief in others. We’ll explore how it works, may be preferable to other products, and recommend specific solutions. 

How does CBD interact with the body to relieve itchiness?

CBD engages with the CB1 and CB2 receptors that are part of the body’s endocannabinoid system. These receptors are everywhere: the skin, the organs, the other regulatory systems, and even affect the brain via neurotransmitters. Because of CBD’s ability to inhibit or antagonize reactions within the immune and nerve systems specifically, it is able to affect relief from skin conditions that cause itching, dryness, irritation, redness, and inflammation.

CBD is able to calm these symptoms when they are happening, while also providing the tools to help the systems of the body achieve homeostasis or balance. As a result, CBD may be able to help limit the frequency or severity of future itching episodes in the future.

CBD as a source of moisture 

Sometimes, itchiness just comes down to skin that lacks moisture. As we highlight in CBD for Dry Skin - Tips & Products, CBD is an excellent source of hydration while shielding skin from free radicals, UV rays, and other damaging elements.

CBD as a source of anti-inflammation

One of the primary ways CBD benefits the body is by combatting skin inflammation. So why does this matter? Itching and inflammation are both reactions that happen because the immune system is doing its job of protecting the body from what it perceives as invaders or something that doesn’t belong. 

However, the immune system can sometimes produce inflammation due to an autoimmune function, where it is essentially fighting against itself. Skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea are such autoimmune issues. CBD can calm the immune reaction by reducing inflammation, and providing relief from the itching or irritation that comes along with these conditions.

CBD as a source of pain relief

Additionally, CBD can inhibit the nerve system’s reactions that produce feelings of pain (including itchiness). Because CBD is able to access all of the body’s regulatory systems, it can affect all sorts of problems that may arise from autoimmune conditions, as well as temporary issues like rashes, abrasions, and irritations on the surface of the skin. In such cases, will CBD put a full stop to the itching? If dealing with severe cases, most likely not. However, CBD can provide varying degrees of itch-relief, even if the problem persists. 

CBD as a source of sleep assistance 

As anyone suffering from chronic itchiness knows first-hand, such conditions can make it harder to fall asleep. Thankfully, CBD can help with this as well. It can guide your body and mind into a state of relaxation with reduced anxiety, all the while providing physical relief to your itchiness. When it’s combined with other ingredients like melatonin, you have the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep. For examples of all-in-one solutions, check out our CBD sleep spray.  

CBD as an all-natural alternative to aggressive medication

If you already have skin issues, the last thing you want is to introduce unnatural chemicals or irritants. CBD is plant-based and always gentle on sensitive skin

For comparison, many popular solutions for inflammation, itch, and pain include topical steroids, and oral analgesics. While topical steroids do not achieve bioavailability the way oral ones do, the compounds can include ingredients that aren’t natural or sustainable. Analgesics and anti-inflammatory OTC medications can also have their downsides, as NSAIDs and Ibuprofen can cause damage to the body and certain organs over long-term use. 

Specific applications of CBD for itch relief

  • Topicals can range from creams, ointments, lotions, and serums. There has been an exponential rise in skin and beauty care products that include CBD as an ingredient in a topical, but you can also combine CBD oil with an existing itch-relief topical you already own. 

Topical CBD is ideal for chronic conditions where itching, pain, and inflammation are the main symptoms because it is applied right at the point of concern and works almost immediately to help calm the reaction. 


  • CBD Bath bombs are a great method for delivering relief to itchy, irritated skin. For starters CBD offsets the dehydration of the skin that can occur from hot or heated water, preventing the onset of further itchiness. Plus, because CBD is absorbed through the skin, you receive pain-relieving benefits across your entire body. To learn more, read CBD Bath Bombs: How They Work, Benefits & FAQ


  • Sublingual application is done under the tongue using a dropper, spoon, or spray. You then hold the CBD oil in your mouth for up to 30 seconds to allow for the CBD to be absorbed into the receptors under the tongue and in the mouth. You’re then free to drink water or eat. 

Sublingual application allows the CBD to forego the normal digestive tract and metabolization, meaning that it works faster and with greater effectiveness than ingestible, such as gummies.

CBD used sublingual won’t provide targeted itch relief, but will instead provide full-body pain-relieving benefits and hydration. 

Why choose Botanika Life for CBD-Based Itch Relief? 

Botanika Life uses only natural, plant-based ingredients grown in the USA in all of our skincare, wellness, and beauty formulas. Plus, we publish third-party lab testing results that verify the claims made so you can use our products with confidence. We check all the boxes for quality CBD products, detailed here: full-spectrum CBD cultivated free of pesticides and GMOs. This means that you can take advantage of itch-relief from CBD without worrying about introducing toxic elements into your body and skin. 

Examples of CBD Products Optimal for Itch Relief 

The Elite Elixir

When you buy the Elite Elixir, you only receive two ingredients: 1500 mg of full-spectrum CBD oil and hemp oil to act as a carrier. When topically applied, both deliver optimal hydration and anti-oxidants to your skin. Best yet, it’s clean enough to apply under your tongue, add to your favorite smoothie, or mix in with other creams. So treat your body to only "the good stuff" by harnessing highly concentrated, terpene-emboldened CBD to combat itchiness.

Plant Stem Cell Skin Elixir 

This elixir combines CBD with other super-hydrating ingredients like plant stem cells and marula, further infusing much-needed hydration into your skin. All three powerhouse ingredients are recommended by many dermatologists to address skin conditions associated with itchiness, including eczema.

Pain Relief Roller With CBD, Lidocaine & Menthol 

When it comes to our CBD pain relief collection, we’re not messing around! Lidocaine and menthol provide immediate relief to the concentrated area while CBD provides lasting results. We chose the roller specifically for addressing itchiness due to the lightness of the serum, its transport-friendly size, and the mess-free applicator. However, it's one of many CBD-based pain relief products we carry that could help keep extreme itchiness in check.

CBD Bath Bombs - 4 Pack Variety Natural Bath Soaks 

Those unfamiliar with our CBD bath bombs can sample our most popular variations: rose, eucalyptus, lavender, and sandalwood. You can decide which is your favorite, all the while infusing your skin with 100mg of CBD and other natural ingredients.