How to Use OTC Lidocaine Creams & Pain Products

How to Use OTC Lidocaine

Most of us have heard of lidocaine before and are aware that it is used for physical pain. However, this is where most of our knowledge of the topic ends. In this article, we’ll explore what types of pain its best suited for, from muscle aches to burns. Additionally, we’ll highlight different methods of lidocaine usage and OTC-available products.

What is lidocaine?

For some, the first introduction to lidocaine is in a dentist’s chair or when undergoing a minor medical procedure. This is because it acts as a local anesthetic, meaning it numbs a specific area without impairing mental faculties. Common uses for lidocaine include:

  • Mitigation of mouth, throat, and tooth pain
  • Assuaging painful allergic reactions and severe itches, such as poison oak, sumac, ivy, and shingles. 
  • Reducing inflammation of the urethra
  • Relieving aching joints and nerve pain
  • Relaxing muscle tension 
  • Alleviating pain related to overworked muscles and conditions like “tennis elbow”
  • Minimizing tenderness from conditions like fibromyalgia

So how does lidocaine work? When applied, it sends signals to the nervous system to inhibit the “feeling” of pain. A numbing effect is also part of the application of lidocaine, so there is an incredibly fast cessation of the most severe pain.

Depending on the strength of the lidocaine and where it’s is applied, it can also last for several hours. For example, lidocaine for mouth or throat pain may not have as long a life, only because beverage and food consumption can limit the length of time the lidocaine lasts.

Yes, You Can Get OTC Lidocaine Creams & Products

Lidocaine can come in various forms like creams, sprays, gels, patches, ointments, powders, and more. It’s always combined with other ingredients, sometimes other pain-alleviating components like CBD. Take note:

  • Lidocaine creams and products that have a concentration of 5% or higher will need a prescription. 
  • Pain solutions with less than 4% lidocaine can be bought over the counter. 

When seeking the right lidocaine products, consider the quality of the supplementary ingredients, the practicality of the application use, and the overall transparency of the brand (for example, do they publish lab results and have product reviews?). 

Botanika Life’s Pain Relief Products

Botanika Life strategically combines lidocaine with carefully-chosen active ingredients to create powerful creams and serums that deliver immediate, lasting relief for aching muscles and joints. Complementary active ingredients include: 

  • Menthol - Menthol works alongside lidocaine to swiftly cool the impacted area.
  • CBD - A pain-relieving element itself, CBD effectively soothes inflammation to lessen long-term anguish
  • Arnica - This plant-based ingredient reinforces many of the previously-mentioned benefits, including assisting with inflammation and healing. 

Botanika Life also uses all-natural and vegan-friendly ingredients, as part of the mission to bring botanicals to you that are clean and safe. 

Super Soothing Pain Serum includes 500mg of full-spectrum CBD with lidocaine and menthol that act as both numbing and analgesic agents to calm and comfort. 

Ultra-Relief Pain Rub also has lidocaine and menthol, with the addition of arnica and 1500mg of full-spectrum CBD. The consistency of this product is ideal for massaging directly into sore muscles. To learn more, read CBD Muscle Balms: How They Work & Best Uses.

Pain Relief Roller delivers 1000mg of full-spectrum CBD, lidocaine, and arnica to decrease inflammation and pain in muscles and joints. Its roller applicator makes it particularly easy to use while on the go. 

FAQ About Using OTC Lidocaine Creams & Products

Can I apply the lidocaine with bare hands?

Because the lidocaine concentration in OTC creams and products is so low, you should be safe to rub it directly into the affected muscle or area. However, always follow the specific directions on the packaging of your chosen lidocaine cream; a common direction is to wash your hands after usage. 

Is it okay to use products with lidocaine on a regular basis for extended periods?

Always follow the advice of your doctor and the directions for the specific cream or solution. However, generally speaking, OTC products with lidocaine should be safe to use on a daily basis. For example, our Super Soothing Serum (which has 4% lidocaine) is safe to use 3-4 times a day. 

Is it safe to use OTC lidocaine products while pregnant?

The FDA states that lidocaine is safe to use when pregnant. However, keep in mind that OTC lidocaine products may contain other ingredients that may not be advisable. Therefore, always consult with a clinician about the products you use during your pregnancy.