CBD for Tennis Elbow - Pain Management Products & Tips

You don't have to be a superstar athlete to develop tennis elbow, as it can afflict people of all ages for a variety of reasons. It generates a sharp pain that radiates outward, discouraging basic movement. Worst of all, many sufferers report that symptoms feel worse at night, making deep sleep more elusive. The good news is that CBD can assist with ongoing tennis elbow pain management. 

Before we touch upon CBD, we first must explain that tennis elbow is a form of elbow tendonitis. To understand what this means, you must understand that the tendons are the fibrous cords that connect muscle to bone, and certain repetitive movements can cause injuries in the tendons.

Don’t let the phrase “tennis elbow” fool you, as it can apply to any repetitive activity that requires continual flexing or gripping, whether that be golf, baseball, painting, or lanscaping. While almost anyone can develop this condition, it is particularly common among plumbers, painters, carpenters, butchers, and even baristas. Those who suffer from arthritis (particularly rheumatoid arthritis) have an increased likelihood of developing this condition. 

So how can CBD lessen pains related to tennis elbow? In this article, we’ll explore recommended products and how CBD interacts with the underlying causes to provide relief. 

Recommended CBD Products for Tennis Elbow Pain Relief

Botanika Life offers a full suite of CBD-Based Pain-Relieving Products that can be used for the specific aches caused by tennis elbow. They utilize lidocaine, menthol, arnica, and full-spectrum CBD to ease tennis elbow. What's more, all of our pain relief products are backed by third-party lab testing which verify the quality of our ingredients and cleanliness of the formulas. 

Popular CBD products you can use for tennis elbow include: 

Pain Relief Roller With CBD, Lidocaine & Menthol - Customers regularly choose this particular CBD product for tennis elbow because of its easy, mess-free applicator which makes it practical to use almost anywhere, anytime. 

Ultra Relief Muscle Pain Rub With CBD- Massage 1,500 of full spectrum CBD directly into the areas affected by tennis elbow. To learn more about whether this product best fits your needs and lifestyle, read CBD Muscle Balms: How They Work & Best Uses

Pain Relief Kit Box With CBD & Cryo Roller - This all-in-one solution combines our Super Soothing Pain Serum with CBD & Lidocaine with a cryo massage roller; apply the serum and then use the accompanying instrument to massage it into the area while simultaneously providing cooling relief. 

Because these products are topically applied directly to the muscles affected by tennis elbow, the CBD works in conjunction with the other elements to provide near-immediate relief while combating inflammation.

How CBD Interacts With the Body to Relieve Tennis Elbow

Firstly, let’s dive into what’s happening within your body when tennis elbow occurs. Formally known as lateral epicondylitis, it is the result of tiny tears and striations within the muscle. The body responds with inflammation.

When you apply CBD for tennis elbow, it accesses the endocannabinoid system via receptors CB1 and CB2. The endocannabinoid system is spread throughout the body, allowing CBD to influence different regulatory processes in the nerve, immune, and digestive systems, as well as neurotransmitters that “speak” to the brain.

Why We Recommend Topically Applying of CBD for Tennis Elbow

Different types of CBD can give you different results. For overall systemic or wellness balance, we suggest applying CBD drops sublingually (under the tongue). However, to solve the sort of pain and inflammation that comes with tennis elbow, your best bet would be a topical serum.

Topical CBD is rolled or massaged into the skin at the point of pain and inflammation; the great thing about CBD is that even externally, it can bond to the CB1 and CB2 receptors to access the endocannabinoid system. While ingestibles can take up to 20 minutes or longer to deliver CBD-based relief, a topical CBD cream will reduce pain and inflammation with near immediacy, and last for several hours. What’s more, the topical products from Botanika Life combine CBD with other pain-relieving ingredients like lidocaine for a comprehensive solution for tennis elbow pain. 



Additional tips for Managing Tennis Elbow Pain

  • Use Cold compression - Cooling treatments are highly recommended to reduce inflammation and the pain that can go along with the body’s immune response to repetitive and strenuous exercise. The way this works, the ice or cool pack will provide the means to reduce inflammation.

The Cryo Massage Roller is a must-have tool for anyone combatting tennis elbow. To begin, pop the removable cryo ball into the freezer or refrigerator. Once cool, use the roller to massage a CBD pain serum into the affected area.
  • Regularly Stretch - Work with a trainer or professional to identify stretches that assist areas with tennis elbow. While you’ll want to execute the routine on a daily basis, it’s particularly important prior to activities that will further exacerbate your tennis elbow. By preparing your muscles and tendons ahead of time, you loosen them and your joints for the exercise ahead. It’s always a good idea to stretch pre-and post-workout, and it only takes a few extra minutes. 
  • Wear elbow compression sleeves - When doing any activities that put you at risk for tennis elbow, wear a compression sleeve purposefully designed to minimize impact. Because tennis elbow is a chronic issue, it can develop slowly, and you may not even realize it is a problem until the pain is excruciating, or you can no longer perform certain motions. 

A proper elbow compression sleeve will increase blood circulation, relieve tension and pressure, and help with inflammation and pain. It can be worn throughout the day, so if your profession is one that makes you likely to develop tennis elbow, you can wear the sleeve from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep.

  • Consult with your doctor- Independent research into your own health and wellness is a valuable exercise, but your findings should never replace advice from a medical professional. Keep them abreast of any CBD, pain relief solutions or activities you use so they can give the best advice possible.

FAQ About Using CBD for Tennis Elbow

Are there any side-effects to using topical creams with CBD oil for tennis elbow?


All pain relieving products have the potential to generate some sort of side effects, and CBD is no different. However, as we explain in Do CBD Creams Have Side Effects, the chances of an adverse reaction like skin irritation are minimal. Still, as is true of all topical products, we recommend doing a “patch test” before applying the cream or salve to a larger area (especially if you have sensitive skin). 


Additionally, if you have known allergies, make sure to read the pain cream’s ingredient list, as it will contain more than merely CBD oil. If you are ambiguous about the application instructions, contact the brand for clarification. 


How long does the CBD cream take to deliver pain relief for tennis elbow?


The swiftness of topically applied CBD depends on the type of oil and how much is present in your chosen cream or salve. Generally speaking, topically applied CBD should help your tennis elbow within half an hour or sooner. However, some pain relief product lines combine CBD with other ingredients that provide more immediate results. For example, Botanika Life balances the gradual, prolonged pain relief of CBD with fast-acting lidocaine and menthol, yielding a comprehensive solution for tennis elbow and similar ailments. 


Can I combine CBD oil to other pain relief creams?


Yes, you can give your favorite pain relieving cream an extra boost by either mixing CBD oil into the cream or layering it underneath. If you choose to combine multi-ingredient creams to alleviate your tennis elbow, be mindful of any ingredient overlaps. For example, if both incorporate lidocaine, make sure to stay Google the maximum amount and to stay within that limit. 


Are there any special considerations seniors should take when using CBD creams for their tennis elbow? 


CBD is considered incredibly safe for seniors to use for tennis elbow and other aches due to its minimal side effects and incredibly low likelihood of overdosing. Plus, it does not generate any sort of “high” or impairment.


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