The Benefits of Applying CBD Under the Tongue

CBD products have taken the wellness community by storm, causing manufacturers to incorporate this powerful plant-based ingredient into creams, ointments, pills, infusions, gummies, and oil-based elixirs. 

CBD itself can be applied in multiple ways, including through skin absorption or digestion. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using CBD by placing it under the tongue.

Understanding Under-the-Tongue Application of CBD

The manner of applying CBD under the tongue (called sublingual application) is a specific way to consume the oil that is different from directly swallowing. Because CBD is absorbed into the cannabinoid receptors inside the mouth, you must follow these steps for the CBD’s highest efficacy.

  1. Confirm that the CBD-based product is intended for sublingual usage, as this does not apply to all. 
  2. Use a dropper or application spoon, and follow the dosage instructions on the oil’s bottle or packaging.
  3. Allow the oil to stay under the tongue for about 1-2 minutes, holding it so that it is absorbed by the receptors under the tongue.
  4. After the allotted time, you may feel free to swallow the remaining oil

Benefits of Applying CBD Under the Tongue

Now that you know just how to apply CBD sublingually, let’s talk about the specific benefits of this method: 

  • Higher Bioavailability: This refers to the amount of CBD (or any supplement or pharmaceutical) that is absorbed into the bloodstream. Sublingual application offers a high bioavailability compared to topicals and other oral ways CBD can be taken.
  • Balance: CBD which is administered sublingually, bonds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors located under the tongue, and accesses regulatory systems like the nervous and immune systems. This means that the CBD oil is able to help the body maintain homeostasis.
  • Quicker Results: Most ways CBD is ingested or consumed include digestion, whether it be through infused drinks or gummies. However, sublingual application bypasses this type of digestion, and is therefore able to work much faster than other oral types of CBD.

In short, applying CBD under the tongue lets you enjoy the full effect of its natural antioxidant, pain-relieiving, and mood stabilizing benefits. 

The Science Behind Sublingual Application

CBD Oil Spill

So why does applying CBD under the tongue yield the above-mentioned benefits? Let’s dive into the science. 

As mentioned in regards to bioavailability, CBD oil applied under the tongue is absorbed into the cannabinoid receptors under the tongue. These receptors are part of the body’s endocannabinoid system that has receptors that can affect and aid every regulatory system we have. This includes the nervous system, the immune system, the organs, and also the circulatory system. The wide distribution of CB1 and CB2 receptors means that the CBD absorbed directly into these receptors does not lose any efficacy or beneficial elements because of digestion.

Even with the number of receptors there are in the mouth, following the correct procedure for sublingual application is essential. Our mouths have all different types and layers of various tissues, and the sublingual application has been proven to be the best way to deliver CBD to the tissues that are most permeable enough to facilitate the best bioavailability. Holding the oil under the tongue for up to 2 minutes allows for the molecules to diffuse among the right cells and be absorbed properly.

A sublingual CBD oil allows the CBD to bond with both CB1 and CB2 types of receptors, so oils are very flexible in what type of benefit they can impart. A topical that is applied externally works mostly with the immune and nerve systems because its main target is reducing inflammation and pain. CBD oil under the tongue though, provides wider wellness aid, and doesn’t need to be taken at any particular time. Indeed, it can be incorporated into a daily or regular health routine, both morning or night.

CBD Oil and Products From Botanika Life

As is true for any ingredient, the way in which it is cultivated and processed will impact the final results. With this in mind, Botanika Life only utilizes full-spectrum CBD oil harvested from hemp plants in Oregon and Colorado, grown free from pesticides. For popular CBD products which you apply under the tongue, check out: 

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