Taking CBD During Morning or Night Routines - Is There a Best Time?

The beauty of CBD is that if offers a wide wealth of benefits and potential applications. However, with this flexibility comes questions. Many inquiries we hear from new users of this ingredient relates to whether there is a preferable time of day. If used in the morning, will CBD make you drowsy? Is it valuable to take CBD before drifting to sleep? 

There is no hardened rule about the best time of day to use CBD. Feel free to use CBD in the morning without risk of drowsiness, and it won't keep you up night. 

However, there are also a longer, more nuanced answers to whether CBD should be used in morning or nighttime. This is because CBD comes in a full variety of forms (oils, topicals, gummies, etc.) and may incorporate additional ingredients geared towards different purposes. Some CBD products are easier to incorporate into your daily (or nightly) routine while others are best used “as needed.” 

Ultimately, your judgment and knowledge of your own body is your best compass, but here are some general suggestions you can use as guideposts.

Incorporate CBD usage into morning routines, if you…


  • Want to introduce CBD into your morning skin care: In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is an antioxidant rich ingredient that can stimulate collagen and elastin growth. As a result, skin looks brighter and smoother, is hydrated and moisturized, and has less visible cellulite and stretch marks. You can even combine your CBD with your other morning skin care products to double down on combating the signs of aging and even help prevent UV damage.

    • Already take daily supplements or vitamins: If you already have a routine for taking anything (this can even include prescription medications), you have a preset way to remember to take or apply your CBD. Just add it into this morning routine until it becomes second nature. 
    • Want a general wellness boost: In this age of all go, no quit, you can easily get rundown and exhausted from day to day. The morning is a great time to boost your serotonin levels and immune system with a CBD oil taken sublingually (under the tongue).
    • Usually have a morning cup of coffee, tea, or juice: If you want a creative way to ingest your morning CBD, infuse it within a drink, such as a morning smoothie, coffee, tea, or fruit juice. 
    • Wake up needing a nudge to start the day: Some days start off as downers riddled with anxiety and panic attacks for what’s to come (we’ve all been there). If this sounds like how your start your mornings, it could be the perfect time to ingest CBD oil to help lift your mood or aid your meditation. CBD oil doesn’t cause drowsiness, so no need to worry that you’ll crash before the afternoon because of it.

    Looking for CBD products perfectly aligned for morning use? Botanika Life CBD elixirs have you covered!

    Elite Elixir - contains 1500mg of a full-spectrum CBD oil and an organic hemp seed oil. This elixir is incredibly versatile, as you can add it to food or drink, layer it under skin care products, or even use it as a spot treatment for issues like hyperpigmentation, lines, or skin dullness.

    Plant Stem Cell Skin Elixir - maximizes the antioxidants in the CBD and marries it with stem cells and marula that nourish and prevent environmental stress that contribute to signs of aging.

    Vitamin C and CBD Skin Elixir - nourish your skin with a blend of Vitamin C, squalane, and CBD (ingredients you can learn about here). Wake up your skin every morning with Vitamin C, and soften and hydrate skin with the amazing fatty acids in squalane.

    Is there a Risk of CBD Causing Morning Drowsiness?

    It's crucial to understand that CBD is not the same as THC, though they both come from the same type of plant. THC is the famous compound that generates psychoactive effects (otherwise known as a "high"). CBD does not carry any of these properties. While full-spectrum CBD does have other plant terpenes and compounds (including up to 0.3% THC), this is not nearly enough to generate any sort of impairment. For this reason, CBD is safe to use in the morning and legal to use throughout the United States. 

    As we explore in Will CBD Make You Drowsy, there is a small possibility of drowsiness of CBD causing drowsiness, whether you use it in the morning or not. However, this is not inevitable and is easily avoidable, as drowsiness is a sign that the user consumed more CBD than necessary. For this reason, we recommend newcomers start with smaller quanitities and gradually work their way toward larger doses in order to find the optimal amount for their goals and body's chemistry. Take this approach, and you should feel safe and confident to begin taking CBD in the morning.

    Incorporate your CBD usage into your nightly routine, if you…

    Fireplace at night

    • Want to indulge in a relaxing bath: a CBD bath bomb is a luxurious way to unwind and indulge in a spa night, any night. Inhale the CBD-enriched steam while hydrating your skin from head-to-toe and relaxing your muscles. 
    • Need help relaxing and dropping off to sleep: A good way to promote an easier and more restful night of sleep is to look for a CBD sleep spray with other natural ingredients like, lavender, melatonin, or magnesium. Drift to sleep and stay asleep to wake up the next morning feeling truly refreshed. 
    • Are looking to de-stress after a busy day: Just as CBD can be added to your morning coffee, juice, or smoothie, you can also add it to a nighttime beverage, like tea. Use CBD to relax, lessen physical tension, and leave the workday behind. 
    • Have an evening skin care routine: Proper skin care isn’t only for the morning, and neither should CBD. When you take off the day’s makeup and before you apply your favorite moisturizer, why not apply a thin layer of nourishing CBD oil underneath?
    • Have aching joints or sore muscles from the day: CBD naturally helps relax muscles, protects stimulated joints from stress, and lessens inflammation and swelling. If you experience evening aches and pains from the events of the day, apply a topical treatment or use the above-mentioned bath bombs.  

    The following Botanika Life CBD products are perfect for evening or nighttime use:

    CBD Sleep Spray - contains CBD, melatonin and magnesium in its formula. All of these ingredients are known to promote a healthy sleep schedule without any impairment or drowsiness the next morning. 

    CBD Stress Ball Bath Bombs - a small but mighty way to de-stress, rejuvenate, and restore balance to your mind and body. With recipes like lavender, eucalyptus, sandalwood, and rose, there’s a bath bomb for your every need. Just fill your tub, sit back, and relax!

    Elite Elixir - because this elixir is pure full-spectrum CBD oil, it is appropriate for both night and day use (or any time of day). Drop it under the tongue, add it to your favorite tea, or re-hydrate skin when it’s time to decompress. 

    Incorporate your CBD usage as needed, if you…

    • Are looking for immediate pain relief or overall pain management: CBD topicals works fantastically when massaged onto the skin at the point of pain, as it can help relieve the effects of arthritis, and other chronic pain problems. Botanika Life has travel-sized CBD products you can transport in a purse, gym bag, or carry-on luggage while flying to be applied when pain first arises, no matter the time of day. 
    • You’re traveling or visiting people you don’t spend regular time with: There’s never been a better time to hedge your bets and boost your immune system. Whether you have a business trip, friends retreat, or are visiting family you haven’t seen in a while, CBD in combination with other immune support will help shield your body from invaders.
    • You want mild anxiety or stress relief: Because of the way CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (our body’s major regulatory system), it can benefit many aspects of our biological processes. There’s evidence that people with generalized anxiety can find relief and help self-soothe with the use of CBD in high stress or triggering situations.

    To find a great "as needed" CBD product, look at these Botanika products:


    CBD Jet Pack - a travel size two pack including a .5oz CBD Sleep spray, and .5oz Serentika Immune spray. Together, the two can promote easier sleep and a stronger immune system while traveling. 


    Botanika Life CBD pain relief products- this line combines full-spectrum CBD with other plant-based ingredients to soothe aches and pains. While we offer a variety of sizes and application styles, our most popular solutions are the CBD pain relief roller with lidocaine and the CBD muscle rub


    What to Remember When Choosing What Time of Day to Use CBD

    • Topicals are absorbed through the skin by the body’s cannabinoid receptors, and do not have bioavailability. This means the CBD does not enter the bloodstream. Because they are applied right at the point of pain or inflammation, topicals offer the quickest way to relief and results.
    • Oil infusions, gummies, and other edibles must go through digestion via the gut and liver. This limits their bioavailability and means they won’t offer immediate results. 
    • Oil administered sublingually is absorbed through receptors in the mouth, and avoids the lengthier digestion process, so of the three categories, oils have the highest bioavailability. However, they do have a slight delay before results can take place.

    Regardless of Whether You Use CBD Morning or Night, Shop With Botanika Life 

    No matter what time of day you use CBD, your body will respond well to vegan products sourced from USA-grown plants free from pesticides. With Botanika Life, you receive simple formulas with high-caliber ingredients so you can feel your best morning through night. Browse our online store or shop our CBD products in such retailers as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Equinox. Morning or night, you deserve quality CBD from Botanika Life.

    Want more information? Check out CBD for Beginners & Tips for Getting Started.