Will CBD Make You Drowsy?

CBD is renowned for its diverse benefits, particularly relaxing both muscles and the mind. However, it’s natural for beginners to question whether CBD could make someone too relaxed, resulting in detrimental drowsiness. When taken in the appropriate dosage, it should not cause drowsiness. 

However, there are circumstances in which it could contribute to fatigue. Keep reading to learn about why your CBD may trigger drowsiness and simple steps to take to avoid this feeling. 

Why CBD Should Not Make Your Drowsy

Because CBD has enjoyed such a meteoric rise in the health and wellness markets, it is fairly easy to find products that promise a certain amount of CBD oil included, as well as highly beneficial results. You can read later in this article about how well CBD can help with your circadian rhythm, and contribute to better sleep, but this comes down to matching your intake with evening practices and ingredients that coincide with the influences CBD has upon the body related to sleep.

In short, properly dosed CBD does not cause drowsiness, nor can it cause any psychoactive effects, making it suitable to take both morning and night. If you are already taking a CBD product, and you feel that you are becoming drowsy after application, consider the following two reasons:

  • You are taking markedly more than you really need - CBD is not regulated by the FDA the way other drugs and medications are. Therefore, there is no universal dosing system in place. Different products will have different bottle sizes, and different amounts of CBD oil within each bottle or package. Take a moment to figure out the actual dose of CBD you are receiving per serving. As we detail in How Much CBD Should You Take to Relax - Figuring Out the Dosage, a dosage of 20-60 mg of CBD is the generally suggested amount to take per serving. However, depending on factors like your weight, past experience, and the severity of your anxiety or physical pain, you may find that more or less works better for your needs. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to start with a small dose and work your way up, especially if you are a beginner to taking CBD. If you're unsure how to use a CBD oil dropper, read our how-to guide.

The good news is that there’s minimal reported side effects for CBD. However, drowsiness is a sign that you may have given your body more CBD oil than necessary. 

  • There is an interaction happening with other medications - All medications—including supplements and even topicals—have the potential to interact with each other. Make sure you discuss taking CBD with your doctor beforehand, so they can make an informed recommendation with their medical experience and knowledge of your record. If you are ingesting your CBD or taking it sublingually, it has a degree of bioavailability (meaning it enters the bloodstream). Be aware of the other additives and ingredients that could possibly cause drowsiness.

What if You Want CBD to Help You Sleep

One of the awesome things about CBD is that it influences so many different functions within the body because of its access to the endocannabinoid system. So while it won’t bring about drowsiness on its own, it does support functions that help with anxiety, relaxation, and rejuvenation. 

CBD is known to increase serotonin, diminish stress, and keep the other systems of the body in balance. Combined with the right nighttime ritual and other natural ingredients that augment a better sleep cycle like melatonin, CBD can help you enter a peaceful, pleasant mindset that’s primed for sleep. 


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Botanika Life offers a myriad of CBD-based solutions for your every need, spanning from pain relief to sleep assistance to skincare. All of our products are based on the power of organically grown plants and are backed by third-party lab testing. 


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If you are looking for a sleep aid, the Sleep Spray is the Botanika Life product for you. It includes melatonin (which supports an optimum sleep cycle), GABA (which helps calm the nervous system), and magnesium (an enzyme activator important for reducing stress, anxiety, and stabilizing the mood). This combination of ingredients along with 300mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil, is tailor-made to mitigate the factors that keep you from a restful and productive sleep.

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