CBD & Caffeine - Should You Add it to Your Coffee and Other FAQs

Peanut butter and jelly. Salt and pepper. CBD and coffee? At first, the idea of combining the two may seem counterintuitive since one is proven to wake you up while the other generally promotes a sense of calm and relaxation. However, their differing benefits are actually why the two can make for such a great duo! 

After all, CBD can combat the jitters and crashes caused by coffee by adding a bit of calm to that caffeinated storm. 

In this article, we’ll dive a bit more into how CBD and coffee interact and what to expect, as well as tips for combining the two. 

How do CBD & Caffeine Interact?

Although research on how CBD and coffee interact is relatively new and sparse, there does not appear to be any adverse effects between the two. Putting CBD in your coffee is no different than drinking coffee during the day and taking CBD when you feel the need. 

Not only is combining CBD and coffee safe but there are some benefits to mingling these two natural substances. Adding CBD oil to coffee can take the jittery edge off your caffeine high. The interaction of CBD and caffeine can also reduce the possible side effects of coffee such as anxiety or stomach aches due to the increased acidity. The mixture of CBD and caffeine can lead to extra energy and alertness, without the negatives that are often associated with daily caffeine consumption.

The Elite Elixir From Botanika Life 

Botanika Life's Elite Elixir is an all-purpose CBD oil that can be ingested for full-body relaxation and pain management. As a bonus, you can even apply it to your face to minimize skincare inflammation and lessen the formation of wrinkles. 

Elite Elixir is not your average CBD oil. It contains 1,500 MG of full-spectrum CBD, which is the strongest type available and is derived from organically grown hemp in Colorado and Oregon. What's more, we support all of our claims about being clean and pesticide-free with third-party lab results that are easily accessible.


How many drops of CBD should I add to my coffee?

There is no universally accepted recommendation for how much CBD to add to coffee, as it will depend on the strength of your CBD. Generally, a few drops of CBD oil can be added to your coffee to experience its benefits.

For a truly relaxing cup of coffee, such as on a lazy Saturday, we recommend adding between 10-15mg of CBD per cup. However, for a weekday morning coffee, it's best to lower the dosage to between 5-7.5mg. Consuming CBD in small doses has been found to have an energizing effect, while larger doses can have a more calming effect.

For additional details about how many drops of CBD oil to add in your coffee, read How Much CBD Should you Take to Relax - Figuring Out the Dosage.

Adding CBD to Coffee May Diminish Its Impact

Sublingual vs. Ingestion – There’s a difference!

If your main objective is to experience the benefits of CBD, then it might be best to take CBD sublingually (under the tongue) instead of ingesting it in your coffee. Mixing CBD with coffee could potentially reduce the impact of CBD. Ingesting CBD sublingually is one of the most effective ways to achieve rapid absorption and potency. The effects of sublingual CBD are typically felt within 15-45 minutes of placing it under your tongue, with lasting benefits for up to 4-5 hours.

When taken orally, such as with your coffee, CBD takes longer to start working as the cannabinoids need to pass through the gut and liver. The advantage of this is that the effects of CBD also last longer when taken orally. The onset of benefits usually occurs within 1-2 hours after oral ingestion and lasts between 6-8 hours.

What About CBD vs. Caffeine - Can One Be Used Instead of the Other

Can CBD and coffee be used interchangeably? Definitely not. CBD is not an energy booster and should not be considered a direct replacement for caffeine's effects. However, there is one way that CBD can help you reduce your reliance on coffee, which is by improving the quality of your sleep the night before.

Using CBD to Help You Sleep Better 

After starting your day with caffeine and potentially continuing that cycle throughout the day, you may need something come bedtime to help calm your nervous system, and relax your body, and mind. Botanika Life’s CBD Sleep Spray contains melatonin, magnesium, CBD, and GABA to support stress-free sleep. 

Take six squirts under your tongue, and you'll be able to clear your mind, fall asleep, and stay asleep. Don't worry; none of the ingredients will make you feel discombobulated or "hungover" in the morning. You'll feel bright and rested, and you may even find that you don't need a second cup of coffee!



By Emily Wegener

With a unique background as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Masters Degree in Teaching and experience in Psychology, Emily spends much of her time researching and trying out new holistic healing modalities.