Melatonin With CBD Sprays - How They Work & FAQ

Melatonin — it’s a phrase we’ve all heard, but not everyone can actually define it. What’s more, it’s natural that questions would swirl around melatonin, considering it’s something we put into our bodies to help induce sleep; is it safe? does it even work? 

We’re here to provide much-needed clarity into melatonin so you can make informed decisions about whether this natural supplement could work for you.  

What is Melatonin, Anyhow? 

Melatonin, a natural hormone produced by the pineal gland in your brain, plays a crucial role in regulating your sleep-wake cycle and circadian rhythm. While your body generates melatonin throughout the day, its levels increase in response to darkness, making melatonin supplementation beneficial for those who struggle with falling asleep.

This hormone significantly impacts sleep quality and the ability to sleep. Melatonin is often referred to as the "sleep hormone" due to its highest levels being released at night. While not essential for sleeping, higher melatonin levels enhance sleep. Various factors, such as travel, shift work, and pre-sleep screen time, can disrupt natural melatonin production, necessitating supplementation.

Melatonin sleep spray is effective in reducing insomnia, alleviating jet lag, and countering the effects of light or electronic exposure before bedtime.

So How Do Melatonin Sprays Work?

Melatonin sprays work by delivering melatonin directly into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes of the mouth. Once absorbed, melatonin helps regulate the body's internal clock, signaling the brain that it's time to sleep, thereby assisting with insomnia or jet lag.

So, think of melatonin as giving your body a small nudge toward sleep in a language it understands; it's not introducing unfamiliar substances (like alcohol) into your system, but rather supplementing what your body naturally produces. 

Are Melatonin Sprays Safe?

You can feel assured that melatonin sleep pills and sprays are safe for you to use. 

According to the Sleep Foundation, short-term use of melatonin has relatively few side effects and is well tolerated by most people who take it. The most common side effects are drowsiness (which is really the goal and not a side effect!), headaches, and dizziness. However, take note, these side-effects are experienced by only a small percentage of people

Certain small portions of the population may be advised by their doctor not to use melatonin sprays, such as those inflicted with autoimmune diseases. Therefore, we suggest informing your primary care physician if you intend on using melatonin sprays. 

Melatonin Sprays vs. Pill-Form - Which Works Better

A scientific study on melatonin sleep spray compared the effectiveness of melatonin sleep spray to a melatonin pill to determine which worked better. The results of this study showed the amount of melatonin that reached the bloodstream after using an oral melatonin spray was significantly higher than that of ingesting an oral tablet. 

But that’s not the only benefit of melatonin-enriched sprays versus pills, as the former offers greater bioavailability, aka its rate of absorption. 

The downside of melatonin spray is that it can be slightly more expensive than melatonin pills. Additionally, melatonin pills have a longer shelf life than sprays (though a good melatonin spray should last at least a year). 

Using Melatonin Sprays With CBD, Magnesium, and Other Sleep Aids

Melatonin spray does not have to be the sole ingredient you use to aid in your sleep issues. There are several natural ingredients that combined with melatonin produce a stronger and more effective sleep aid product. 

The following are several essential ingredients used in Botanika Life's sleep-inducing sprays. When working in tandem with melatonin, these ingredients make a world of difference in attaining the rest for which so many people yearn. 


Is there anything worse than trying to sleep when physically tense or worrisome thoughts swarm your mind? Enter, CBD.

Incorporated into your night-time ritual, CBD can help soothe tension, discomfort, and anxiety by controlling cortisol levels in your brain. Easing not only your body but also your mind, CBD can be the key to unlocking the sleep and renewal your body is craving.

Packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, CBD can also help decrease physical pain and discomfort that often cause sleep disruption. 


Essential for processes throughout the body, magnesium assists nervous system function, which plays an integral part in controlling sleep. Studies have shown that magnesium assists your body with generating chemicals tied to sleep, improving the overall quality of your slumber. This explains why magnesium is a common ingredient in many sleep-aid products due to its impact on relaxing the body and mind. 


GABA is an amino acid created within the cells of the brain that plays a significant role in sleep. In addition, to help you feel sleepy, GABA reduces the activity of brain cells, which lessens stress and anxiety. Combining GABA and melatonin is a great duo with GABA providing emotional and behavioral support by reducing anxiety and promoting calmness, while melatonin directly assists with regulating your sleep-wake cycle.



Buy Botanika Life’s CBD Sleep Spray with Melatonin

Utilizing clean, organically grown ingredients, Botanika Life prides itself on producing luxury-caliber wellness solutions powered by plants. With ingredients that are gluten-free, vegan, and sustainable, you know that your sleep is in the best of hands with Botanika Life. We make sleep products that work!

Botanika Life sleep sprays and products are backed by third-party testing to verify the CBD content and quality of ingredients. This testing verifies that products do not contain pesticides, heavy metals, or residual solvents. Not only are the products top-notch, but you also have transparency about the quality and safety of the ingredients in each product.

With botanical ingredients clinically proven to support falling and staying asleep, the Serentika CBD Sleep Spray uses natural ingredients such as broad-spectrum CBD, melatonin, magnesium, and GABA combined to offer the most effective sleep support possible. 

If you are a jet-setter or even just a weekend vacation type, you will find the Serentika Jet Pack to be your best friend for the immunity and sleep aid you need while on the go. With natural ingredients like magnesium, melatonin, CBD, and GABA, this sleep spray will offer the relaxation you need while traveling, while the immune spray will boost your system with Vitamin C and Zinc. This set packs the punch covering your needs in every way possible. 

FAQ About Using Melatonin-Infused Sleep Sprays

How long does it take for melatonin sleep sprays to work?

Some melatonin sleep sprays take as long as 30-60 minutes to feel the effects, making planning ahead essential. However, with Botanika Life Sleep Spray you can expect to feel calmer and ready for bed in as soon as 15 minutes after spraying under your tongue. Because of its potency and effectiveness, you will feel the relaxing effects to assist in drifting off to sleep in no time. 

How many squirts should I use of sleep sprays with melatonin? 

You should always follow the instructions on the melatonin spray package. In general, the dosage of melatonin spray includes anywhere from 2-6 squirts depending on what product you are using. 

Do melatonin sprays have side effects?

As is true for every substance you put into your body, there are risks of side effects for melatonin sprays, though none are known to be severe or fatal. Potential side effects include headaches, dizziness, mental haziness, nausea, and digestive issues. While these results are quite rare, the likelihood increases if you exceed the recommended dosage of melatonin spray. 

Is it safe for minors to use melatonin?

Wondering if melatonin sleep spray is safe for children? The answer is yes. Scientific evidence shows that melatonin can safely assist children in falling and staying asleep. Even when taken regularly and for long-term use, melatonin is a safe and effective supplement you can give your children to help with falling asleep. 

If you want to provide your child or teen with our sleep spray, rest assured that CBD is also safe for minors. However, as is true for all health supplements, we suggest consulting with your child’s doctor prior to administering. What’s more, we suggest that all sleep spray usage be supervised to ensure minors don’t exceed the recommended dosage.

How will I feel the morning after I use melatonin for sleep?

Neither melatonin nor the ingredients listed above (CBD, melatonin, and GABA) provide any sort of intoxication or hang-over. Users report feeling refreshed after using melatonin sprays the night before.

How should I store melatonin sprays to ensure they work as intended? 

In order to have melatonin deliver maximum effectiveness, store them somewhere in which they won't be exposed to direct sun, excess heat, or moisture. A simple drawer or cabinet will suffice. It's also suggested to keep it away from children. 

Is it possible to become dependent on melatonin sprays for sleep?

Melatonin sprays are non-addictive, unlike many other sleeping pills and aids. 

Are there certain places where melatonin sprays are illegal?

In many countries, melatonin is legal but requires a prescription. Examples of such places include many European countries, Japan, Canada, and Australia. We advise checking the local laws for melatonin when packing your suitcase for an international destionation.

Can I combine melatonin sprays with alcohol?

We do not advise using melatonin and alcohol in conjunction with one another. Because of how both work, you're more likely to experience side-effects like drowsiness and diziness, incapacitating you. 

Are there any medications you shouldn’t use melatonin sprays with?

Due to how melatonin sprays work and the resulting benefits, they should not be used alongside medications that have a sedative or depressive effect, as the combined potency may heighten drowsiness and other side effects more than you intended. Steer clear of alcohol, Benadryl, and Seroquel, to name a few. Take note, CBD does not induce drowsiness if taken with the proper dosage, making it safe to add to melatonin sprays. 

Is there a risk of becoming addicted to melatonin? 

There is no known risk of becoming physically addicted to melatonin sprays. Tolerance doesn’t build up over prolonged usage, nor do users who stop experience any sort of withdrawal. 



By Emily Wegener

With a unique background as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Masters Degree in Teaching and experience in Psychology, Emily spends much of her time researching and trying out new holistic healing modalities.