CBD Sleep Spray - All Your Questions Answered

There are a lot of questions swirling around about CBD sleep sprays. Some of them are simple to answer, and some are a bit more complex. So, let’s start with the easy ones first.  

Does CBD spray for sleep really work? Yes. 

Is it safe? 



Yes. Yes. Yes! 

But just because eating an apple a day is a healthy habit, that doesn’t mean that eating a deep-fried apple cobbler has the same result. CBD, like the apple, is only one of the many ingredients in any CBD sleep spray. The other active ingredients and how the product is formulated and processed make all the difference in what you are ultimately ingesting and how it will affect you. 

There are many different CBD sleep sprays and products out there, and how to differentiate between them is one of the more common questions that people ask. 

To understand what to look for in a CBD sleep spray, it is important to first understand why CBD has emerged as the preferred way to help people fall and stay asleep, how CBD works, and what specifically you should look for when choosing a CBD sleep spray.

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How Much Sleep Do Most Adults Need

Although 7-9 hours of sleep each night is ideal for most adults. However, up to 80% of people report having trouble falling and/or staying asleep at least once a week. 

If this sounds like you, a natural sleep aid can be a gamechanger for your mental and physical wellbeing, as well as your overall happiness. 

How Will CBD Sleep Spray Make Me Feel?

Although 7-9 hours of sleep each night is ideal for most adults. However, up to 80% of people report having trouble falling and/or staying asleep at least once a week. 

Research shows that CBD sleep spray helps people feel calmer and more relaxed, and as a result, they fall asleep sooner and stay asleep longer. Plus, because CBD is non-intoxicating, the sleep spray does not make you feel high in any way.

The healing properties of CBD work to eliminate many of the root causes of sleeplessness, including pain, insomnia, mild depression, anxiety, and restless leg syndrome. When you use the sleep spray, you will likely begin to feel its calming effects in less than an hour. In fact, most people feel the results of a high-quality CBD sleep spray in as soon as 15 minutes. As you use a CBD sleep spray over time, you will notice that you feel more rested and better overall. And because it is non-toxic, CBD sleep spray leaves people feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. There is no hangover effect or lingering haziness.

What Makes CBD Preferable to Other Sleep Aids?

People’s need to sleep has made the sleep aid business an $80 billion global industry – but many of the sleep medications that are commonly prescribed cause more harm than good. Prescription and over-the-counter sleep remedies can leave you feeling groggy, confused, and even worse – unrested. 

It is increasingly clear that quality sleep is critical to health, wellness, and overall quality of life -- but what has been less clear is the best way to achieve restorative sleep… until now. CBD sleep sprays provide all the benefits of pharmaceutical sleep aids without any of the debilitating side effects.

This is possible because CBD sleep sprays are: 

  • All-Natural
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Addictive
  • Highly Effective

    The ability to sleep is a natural and restorative function of your body, and you deserve a natural and restorative way to help attain it.

    What Are Other Common Ingredients Found in CBD Sleep Spray? 

    While full-spectrum CBD is the primary ingredient in CBD sleep sprays, it isn’t the only one. Pay close attention to the other components of the spray to ensure you’re intaking healthy, natural ingredients (and steer clear of those with alcohol). For example, our CBD sleep spray uses two other clinically proven active ingredients:

    • Melatonin – a natural sleep aid and antioxidant that supports a regular sleep cycle and combats insomnia. In fact, your body produces melatonin on its own to produce the feeling of sleepiness as nighttime nears.
    • Magnesium – a crucial mineral to the human body that supports overall sleep quality, reduces stress, and stabilizes mood by encouraging relaxation. While melatonin helps you reach sleep swiftly, magnesium improves the overall quality of sleep.

    We blend this powerful combination of ingredients into our CBD Sleep Spray for a regular, healthy, and stress-free sleep cycle.

    How to Assess the Quality of a Sleep Spray Before Buying

    Any CBD sleep spray, but especially one taken orally, should be organic, safe, and natural. At Botanika Life, our full-spectrum CBD Sleep Spray is vegan, sustainable, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and tested in a third-party lab for purity and potency. 

    The best CBD sleep sprays also use full-spectrum CBD rather than a CBD isolate to promote sleep and tranquility. Full-spectrum CBD contains all naturally occurring phytochemicals found in the hemp plant, including trace cannabinoids, and terpenes (essential oils), making it more potent than other forms of CBD. 

    Avoid CBD sleep sprays that contain alcohol (which diminishes the quality of sleep), cheap fillers like glycerin, and those with unnatural components or ambiguous descriptors of ingredients. 

    Preferably, all CBD sleep spray creators should disclose the third-lab testing results of their products for you to view. This way, you can fully confirm the high caliber of the hemp, the cleanliness of the formulas, and the overall quality of the spray.  

    Determine Your Preferred Way to Intake CBD Before Buying a Spray

    When choosing a CBD sleep spray or any CBD product, it is important to understand the differences in the quality, ingredients, and delivery method of the CBD itself. CBD can be taken in several ways -- it can be absorbed through the skin as a lotion or salve, it can be ingested orally (usually in the form of a gummy or added to a smoothie), or it can be absorbed by mouth, most often in the form of a spray or drops placed under the tongue. Some companies even manufacture CBD sprays that you apply to a pillow rather than intake directly. 

    Because our ingredients are non-toxic and all-natural, Botanika Life’s CBD Sleep Spray is safely absorbed by mouth. This delivery method enables the CBD to be quickly absorbed by the mucous membranes of the mouth and delivered directly to the bloodstream. This is different from other sleep sprays, which are not suitable for consumption and are instead sprayed externally for indirect inhalation. 

    What’s important is that you clearly understand the directions for the CBD spray you choose and don’t deviate from the instructions. In the best-case scenario, the spray is less effective; worse, it is harmful. 

    Yes, You Can Travel With CBD Sleep Spray

    Vacations and business trips are infamous for disrupting sleep patterns and cycles. Even the most seasoned travelers can suffer from jetlag and fatigue. Changes in time zone and an unfamiliar bed can make work and/or leisure travel less restful, but CBD products can also help with that. 


    Botanika Life’s CBD Sleep Spray is included as part of its CBD Jet Pack. The CBD Jet Pack is essential for frequent and occasional travelers alike. It includes:

    The CBD Jet Pack is legal in all 50 states and TSA approved, so you can take it with you to ensure that you are able to enjoy your journey better and get some rest… no matter where your travels may take you. 

    Why Your Sleep Is Worth The Investment 

    Too many adults deprioritize their own sleep, failing to realize the overall impact it has on their quality of life and ability to function. Key benefits include: 

    • Memory - Sleep is essential to the formation of memories. This is due to the memory consolidation that occurs during REM sleep. During REM sleep, new memories are processed and stored due to the strengthening of neural connections that takes place. Memories that are encoded and stabilized in the brain while you are asleep can then be recalled later, making sleep and CBD sleep spray important parts of the cognitive and learning processes. 
    • Mood - The quality of your sleep will drastically improve the quality of your mood, as sleep is the time when you process your feelings and emotions. Mood disorders and sleep are also inextricably linked, as insomnia directly contributes to depression and anxiety. But fortunately, proper sleep and the addition of a CBD sleep spray can help elevate your mood, enabling you to better face life’s challenges and interact with others in a healthy and productive way. 
    • Health - Proper sleep comes with significant health benefits. During sleep, the body’s blood pressure lowers, allowing the heart and blood vessels to rest. Without this necessary rest, your heart and blood pressure remain elevated for longer periods of time - a contributing factor to heart disease. When you are asleep, muscles that have been strained during the day have the chance to heal, leading to faster recovery times and preventing long-term injuries. In addition, sleep is the time when your cells repair themselves and when toxic waste is eliminated from the body. Weight loss and steady blood sugar levels are also more likely to occur when the body is at rest.

    Common Reasons For Why You May Not Be Sleeping Enough  

    Sleep disturbances and disorders affect over 70 million people in the United States. Poor sleep contributes to mental illnesses, prolonged physical injuries, and a decrease in overall happiness and the ability to enjoy life. There can be any number of reasons that you are lying awake at night, but the three most common ones are your body, your mind, and your environment. 

    • Aches and Pain - While there are a myriad of internal and external contributors to poor sleep, pain is without a doubt the biggest cause of sleeplessness. Physical pain and symptoms can quite literally keep you up all night. When you are hurting, being able to fall and stay asleep can be a huge challenge, yet the irony is that without proper sleep, it is nearly impossible for your body to heal and recover from the very injury that is keeping you awake in the first place. 
    • What’s On Your Mind - Mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression significantly impact sleep cycles. Sleeplessness is a common indicator of depression, and certain medications -- including many SSRIs and SNRIs that are prescribed to treat mental health disorders – can be activating, further disrupting already inconsistent sleep patterns. 
    • The World Around You - Consumption of caffeine and sugar, loud noises from traffic or neighbors, a snoring partner, and/or the absence of a comfortable bed or dedicated sleep space can all contribute to keeping you up at night. However, by addressing these issues at the source and incorporating a CBD sleep spray into your evening routine, restorative sleep can and will be within reach.  

    How Do I Know if a CBD Sleep Spray Will Benefit Me?

    Many people report being reluctant to seek help for sleep disturbances either because the disruptions they experience are inconsistent or because they fear becoming reliant on heavy medications. However, it is important to focus on the added benefits that come from achieving healthy and restorative sleep on a consistent basis. In addition to improvements in health and mood, quality sleep leads to increased energy, weight loss, clearer skin, and greater overall quality of life. And by incorporating CBD Sleep Spray into your daily routine, you can naturally maintain a healthy sleep cycle by naturally preventing even occasional or unpredictable sleep disruptions from occurring. 

    Botanika Life CBD Sleep Spray also helps eliminate the problems caused by poor quality sleep. These include fatigue, body aches, irritability, and a weakened immune system. If you are still struggling with any of these issues, try CBD Sleep Spray for some much-needed relief.  

    We all know that sleep is key, but now you also know the key to sleep… CBD Sleep Spray from Botanika Life.