CBD Bath Bombs: How They Work, Benefits & FAQ

Bath bombs are a compilation of ingredients that, when dropped into hot water, release pleasant scents and moisturizing elements to bring your at-home spa experience to the next level. Also known as “stress balls,” they cover a full range of quality levels and price points, and some even have added healthy ingredients to further nourish the body. 

One such ingredient is CBD. In this article, we’ll discuss how CBD bath bombs work, their many benefits, and frequently asked questions. 


How CBD Bath Bombs Work

A CBD oil alone wouldn’t dissolve in water, so you wouldn’t really reap any benefits by pouring it directly into your bath. However, the bath bombs combine the CBD with other ingredients that make it water soluble so it can be absorbed by your skin. In turn, your body feels the positive effects of the CBD and elements like epsom salts and the essential oils, nourishing you both inside and out.  

CBD Bath Bomb Benefits

CBD bath bombs provide four main benefits that any person would appreciate in this stressful, busy world.

CBD Bath Bomb Variety Pack

CBD Bath Bombs Promote Relaxation and Anti-Anxiety

CBD oil in different doses, has been proven effective in reducing anxiety. In a bath bomb, the oil (combined with other powerful relaxation elements like lavender or chamomile) can be the perfect addition to a self-care routine meant to help de-stress and take a quiet moment to yourself.

Receive Instant Pain Relief For Bodily Aches

Because the bath bomb's CBD is absorbed through the skin, it’s an excellent way to melt away everyday aches and pains, right where they happen. The CBD engages with the body’s own cannabinoid receptors, which is why the pain relief is almost immediate. Some of the reoccurring issues that CBD bath bombs could be useful for are: arthritis, carpal tunnel, generalized back pain, menstraul crampsmuscle spasms, and stiff neck or shoulders due to stress. 

CBD Bath Bombs Provide Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Sometimes, the worst pain can come as a result of inflammation. CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory, so it’s a perfect addition to a workout recovery routine, or any situation where you want to reduce localized inflammation. As said before, finding the right CBD bath bomb can improve your physical health, and allow you to sneak in some self-care as well.


Benefit from Next-Level Skin Hydration 

The infusion of moisture into the skin is a big, big benefit of using CBD bath bombs. Plus, CBD has potent antioxidants and skin healing properties. Dropping a stress ball into a bathtub is an easy, fun way to make your skin feel soft and supple from head-to-toe.


Buy CBD Bath Bombs With Quality Ingredients - You’ll Tell the Difference

Because your body absorbs the ingredients of your chosen CBD bath bombs, it’s essential that you use products with clean, natural ingredients. Take Botanika Life, for example; all of our CBD products are produced from US-grown hemp that is free of pesticides, never tested on animals, vegan, and farmed using sustainable techniques. Outside of the CBD, all other bath bomb ingredients adhere to the same cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan, and sustainable standards too.

We designed our bath bombs to reduce stress, and re-invigorate the mind and body by featuring 100mg of a full-spectrum CBD oil and other natural ingredients. Our most popular options include:

Sandalwood bath bomb - Popular amongst both men and women for its earthy scents and inherent relaxing properties. 


Lavender bath bomb - Lavender is widely celebrated for its ability to relieve both stress and physical discomfort. Combine it with CBD, and you have the ultimate bath bomb. 


Rose bath bomb - Indulge in the ultimate floral scent, also known fo its anti-anxiety and pain reducing abilities. 


Eucalyptus bath bomb - This calming ingredient can also boost your immune system and breathing. 


Can’t choose between the above? Why not try one of each with our CBD bath bomb gift set, the perfect present to yourself or a loved one?


CBD Bath Bomb Ingredients to Avoid

For the healthiest bath bomb experience possible, steer clear of any products that have excess color or fragrance, as well as baking soda, cocoa butter, hazel, and talc. While some of these ingredients are fine when carefully applied to some parts of the body (like cocoa butter), it can wreak havoc on other parts which will be exposed to the bath water. Additionally, bath bombs with glitter may leave specks in the tub that require cleaning, and artificial coloring run the risk of staining the tub. 

When in doubt, look for CBD bath bombs that are vegan with simple ingredient lists. 


FAQ About How CBD Bath Bombs Work

Do you still have questions about using bath bombs that contain CBD? Here are some of the frequent questions people voice.

What sort of effects will CBD bath bombs have on hair? 

Your skin, body, and mind receive the bulk of the CBD benefits. However, the bath bombs' other ingredients can work wonders for your hair, leading to a well-moisturized, glossy mane. 

Are CBD bath bombs safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding? 

Topicals and bath bombs do not have bioavailability (the CBD does not enter the bloodstream, as it may with anything that is ingested), and there aren’t any studies that prove harm during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, the FDA does not recommend CBD usage during either.

Will CBD bath bombs make me “high”? 

The short answer is, no. CBD is not the intoxicating part of the hemp plant (that would be THC). While full-spectrum CBD has trace amounts of THC, it is not enough to make anyone high no matter how ingested or applied. 

Additionally, bioavailability determines the level of “high” achieved. Anything that is ingested, must go through a minimum digestion process (pills, oil infusions, or other beverages), and things that are fully consumed (food products like edibles) need to be further metabolized by the liver. CBD bath bombs and topicals are absorbed into the skin through percutaneous absorption, and enter the body via skin cells, not the bloodstream. 

Are there side effects to using CBD bath bombs? 

Firstly, there are no major side effects associated with CBD. However, if the dosage is greater than needed, you may experience drowsiness. If you're new to CBD, consider buying our 3oz bath bombs. 

Using any type of product, whether topical or ingested comes with the risk of side effects. Because every person has different allergies, sensitivities, and skin types, being mindful of your reaction to certain ingredients can help guide future purchasing decisions. 

CBD oil is particularly accomodating to sensitive skin issues, such as eczema or rosacea. If you experience itchiness or a rash for any reason, stop using and consult with your doctor. 

Is there an expiration date for CBD bath bombs? 

Yes, but all skin care and health care products have expiration dates. This is to ensure that all the elements perform to their highest ability, and that processes like oxidation do not affect the composition of the product. While the shelf-life of a CBD bath bomb can vary based on the manufacturer, Botanika Life recommends using ours within a year of purchase in order for them to work to their fullest potential. 

How do I choose the right CBD bath bomb for me? 

The right bath bomb depends on what you hope to accomplish. If you have a skin condition like eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea, you need to check that none of the products will irritate your skin or kick off a flare. If you’re just looking for a relaxing, at-home spa treatment, you may want to find a bath bomb that includes soothing natural scents or revitalizing ingredients.

Can I buy CBD bath bombs online? 

Yes, absolutely! There are many places that offer the convenience of buying CBD bath bombs via the internet, and shipped straight to you. That’s exactly what Botanika Life does! Scroll back up for the bath bombs Botanika Life offers and get started.

Should I purchase bath bombs with broad-spectrum or isolate CBD?

Broad-spectrum and isolate CBD are fair in their own rights, but they don't offer the full benefits of full-spectrum CBD (which is why Botanika Life chooses full-spectrum). This is because the extra processing of broad-spectrum and isolate CBD strips away some of the terpenes and compounds of the hemp plant which would otherwise work alongside the bath bomb's CBD to boost the effects.

Can I use CBD bath bombs alongside bath salts? 

The good news is that the two products work well together, meaning you can combine both for the ultimate bath experience. 

Is it better to use CBD bath bombs in the morning or night? 

As we write about in this article, CBD can be utilized no matter the time of day. However, because of the relaxing properties of the bath bombs, many customers prefer to work them into their evening routines.