CBD Oil vs Gummies - Which is Best for You?

CBD has numerous benefits, including alleviating certain skin conditions, providing targeted or full-body pain relief, and even help with anxiety and depression. 

For general health, CBD is a powerful antioxidant that enriches the body and targets the many components of everyday life that contribute to aging. From fighting sun damage to minimizing stretch marks and cellulite to boosting the immune system, CBD can handle what life throws at your body. 

Equally important are the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. For skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne, anti-inflammation is a key fighter in helping mitigate the issues that cause these conditions. It also comes into play to deliver immediate pain relief, especially for joint pain like arthritis, or muscle inflammation post-workout. 

And finally, the interaction of CBD with the body’s endocannabinoid system can help regulate moods to combat anxiety and depression. 

CBD comes in surprisingly diverse product types, each with its own pros and cons. However, the most commonly compared options are CBD oil vs. gummies. In this article, we’ll explain the specifics of each, as well as help you understand which CBD delivery style may best fit your pain-based, emotional, and lifestyle needs. 

Understanding CBD Oil & Gummies 

Get to Know CBD Oil 

CBD oil has the properties of CBD distilled into liquid form, most commonly categorized as full-spectrum, isolate, or broad-spectrum. The former is the more powerful of the types, as it contains other compounds like flavonoids and terpenes that produce an “entourage effect,” enhancing the effects of the oil. In comparison, isolate CBD oil only contains CBD, making it less impactful. And broad-spectrum? This type of CBD oil finds the middle ground between full-spectrum and isolate to deliver some hemp compounds. 

You can buy CBD oil with no additives, usually in bottles that have a dropper. However, you can also find CBD-based elixirs that combine with other plant-based ingredients, either meant for oral or topical application. 

Get to Know CBD Gummies

Gummies are fashioned like candy and have specific flavors and additives. Gummies will come in multipacks, for multiple individual doses.

What are the Advantages of CBD Oil Over Gummies?

  • Simple, Plant-Based Ingredients: A good, honest CBD oil is just what it says. Even if there are added components to the elixir, they will tend to be naturally derived versus the more complex and less healthy. 
  • Relief That is Swifter More Powerful: A CBD oil applied topically or sublingually (under the tongue) acts fast, and the CBD is received to its fullest potency. While CBD gummies deliver benefits, they will take longer to deliver noticeable results and, due to the passage through the digestive tract, will be less potent. 
  • Flexibility in Use: CBD oil usually comes in a bottle with a dropper, so the oil can be applied topically, sublingually, or infused in food or drink. What’s more, its liquid form enables you to do more than merely ingest it. For example, you can incorporate it into your skincare regimen to provide your complexion with added moisture, protection from free radicals, and to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and dullness. Need more reason to apply CBD oil to your face? It keeps sebum production in check and is gentle on sensitive skin
  • Greater Control Over the Dosage and Effects  - While gummies give you some ability to dictate your levels of CBD, the use of oil lets you discern exactly how much you ingest. Plus, you choose the amount of bioavailability, based on how you choose to use the oil. For example, taking the oil sublingually offers the highest bioavailability of all of the choices, because the oil is absorbed into receptors directly, instead of losing some efficacy during digestion.

CBD Oil is Best for Those Who: We recommend using CBD in its oil form for those who want to use it for full-body pain relief (because of its greater potency and quicker time to activation). We also recommend it to individuals who want to incorporate CBD into their skincare. What's more, the candy-like elements of gummies may be too alluring to minors, making CBD oil a potentially better option for teens.



What are the Advantages of Gummies over CBD Oil? 

  • Easy Dosage for Beginners: Gummies already have the dosage pre-measured, and when you buy a blister or multi-pack, each gummy has the same amount included. As a bonus, it’s easier to share with others. 
  • Portability: Gummies come in small packages, so you can slip them into your bag for everyday use. There’s also no need to worry if a bottle will break or leak.
  • Flavor and Fun: Gummies are made to resemble candy, so they have additives and flavors that can add an enjoyable taste. On the other hand, pure CBD oil tastes earthy.  

CBD Oil is Best for Those Who: We recommend using CBD as a gummy if you want a mood-stabilizing solution you can carry with you wherever. Additionally, this is a suitable solution if you want to combat mild discomfort. 

The Recommended Type of CBD for Bodily Pain - Topical Creams

People most commonly ask about CBD oil vs. gummies as it pertains to pain relief, specifically. In some cases, neither delivery method may be the best suited for you. If you frequently deal with nerve pain, sore limbs, tense muscles, or similar issues, CBD-based topical creams and serums may be your best solution. For example:

  • Pain Relief Rollers- This product combines CBD oil with lidocaine and menthol. The lidocaine and menthol provide instant relief while the topically applied CBD limits long-term anguish by decreasing inflammation and swelling. 
  • Ultra-Relief Muscle Pain Rub - This rub contains 1500mg of full-spectrum CBD, along with lidocaine, menthol, and arnica. Together, the rub is a powerful combination of pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, that cools, soothes, and calms joint, back, muscle, and nerve pain.

Decided CBD Oil is For You? Check Out Our Top Picks

Botanika Life decided to specialize in CBD oils rather than gummies due to its diverse applications and overall quality of recipes. All components of our products come from organically-grown, USA-based hemp. Shoppers are welcome to view our third-party lab results to verify the cleanliness and quality of our formulas.

Two-Ingredient Elite Elixir: This is an elixir with just two amazing ingredients, hemp seed oil, and 1500mg of full-spectrum CBD oil. Ingest it or apply it to your skin, the choice is yours! 

CBD Sleep Spray: This spray brings together 120mg of full-spectrum CBD with melatonin and magnesium, which support a regular sleep cycle, general relaxation, and reduction of anxiety.

Unblemished CBD Acne Treatment: With salicylic acid and tea tree oil, this treatment is ideal for unclogging pores, exfoliating the skin, and reducing future breakouts. It’s also safe for delicate skin for which alternative products may be too rough. 

Plant Stem Cell Elixir: If you suffer from dry skin, this elixir is for you. It has Swiss apple stem cells, marula oil, and 100mg full-spectrum CBD oil. The fruit stem cells promote the longevity of the skin’s own cells, and the antioxidants and omega fatty acids in the marula and CBD oils, nourish, soften, and leave the skin radiant.

Vitamin C Elixir: Aside from 1000mg full-spectrum CBD, this elixir has Vitamin C and squalane. For issues like stretch marks and cellulite, these ingredients are incredibly important, because they boost the skin’s ability to retain firmness and elasticity, while also brightening and reducing signs of aging across the board.

Want to Buy CBD Gummies? Know How to Find Quality

If you ultimately decided that gummies is a better choice than CBD oil for your lifestyle, you’re in luck! There are hundreds (yes, hundreds) of manufacturers out there. When finding a company, make sure to be mindful of:

  • The quality of the CBD - for the greatest impact, look for full-spectrum CBD. However, also make sure you know where and how the hemp was grown (you want to steer clear of pesticides).
  • The ingredients - some gummies are vegan, some are not. Much like when shopping for CBD oil, you’ll want a company that verifies the quality of their formulas to ensure it's free from pesticides, mold, metals, and general junk. Plus, keep an eye on the amount of added sugar!
  • The company’s transparency - Just like when you shop for CBD oil, the gummy-maker should publish third-party lab results that verify the integrity of their recipes. 

Got more questions about how CBD oils compare to gummies or CBD in general? We welcome you to use our chat to ask us anything or to browse our site to see the many great CBD products at your fingertips.