What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

Taste preferences are subjective, with few flavors winning over the entirety of the population. Take, for example, matcha lattes—some people are big fans while others scrunch up their noses. Brussels sprouts earn themselves both legions of loyalists and detractors. 

Our point is that the flavors of CBD may or may not be your “cup of tea.” In this article, we’ll explain what CBD oil tastes like and tips for masking it if that’s your preference. 

So, What Does CBD Taste Like?

CBD oil has been described as tasting “earthy”, a term also used to describe wheatgrass and other micro-greens. There are no added sugars or salts, so the CBD oil’s flavor is subtle and natural. 

Carrier Oils May Influence Taste

Know that most CBD oils you would consume also contain a carrier oil as an ingredient. This is because the molecules of CBD are initially too large to be properly absorbed. In order for the molecules to access the endocannabinoid system, the proper carrier oil will make them small enough to be absorbed, while not breaking them down or diluting the efficacy. 

Common carrier oils for CBD products are hempseed, olive, avocado, and coconut or MCT oil. The carrier oil can have an influence on the overall taste, and all of the ones listed may add a faint, complementary nutty tone to the CBD.


How to Mask the Taste of CBD Oil?

Most CBD oil-users are “fine” with the taste; it’s not their favorite food, but it doesn’t make them recoil, either. The same could be said of many healthy ingestibles, from broccoli to daily vitamins. However, if you find that the taste of CBD oil just isn’t for you, below are some ways to minimize the flavor. 

Find Ingestibles that Combine CBD With Other Ingredients

CBD is a versatile element that can be combined with other ingredients has a variety of application methods. Take, for example, Botanika Life’s Sleep Spray, which combines CBD oil with melatonin, magnesium, and GABA, resulting in a flavor best described as “minty.” 

Infuse the CBD Oil Into Foods or Beverages

Get your creative wheels turning with our piece Ideas for Making CBD-Infused Drinks & Cocktail Recipes. CBD oil can easily be added to coffee, smoothies, sparkling water . . . whatever your tastebuds and stomach desire. However, keep in mind, digesting the CBD rather than applying it under your tongue will result in a delayed activation and reduced potency. 

Gummies are another popular CBD-based product, but they are also ingestible and can include a high amount of sugar and other chemicals that lower the CBD’s beneficial impact on your body. 

Be Weary of CBD That Tastes Rotten

There’s a big difference between CBD oil’s “earthy” taste and one that could be described as “rotten” or “bitter.” If your current tincture is best described by the latter, it’s highly likely that it is expired and/or sourced from a company that diluted it with other ingredients. If that’s the case, cease using the product, and dispose of it safely. To buy with confidence, consult with Understanding What Makes CBD Oil High Quality.

There is a proper storing procedure for CBD oil to be sure that it doesn’t prematurely expire. For starters, be sure that your CBD oil comes in bottles that are either opaque or made from dark glass. Additionally, store it away from direct sunlight, such as in a medicine cabinet or drawer. For more tips, read Does CBD Oil Expire & Tips for Preventing It From Going Bad.

Buy Trustworthy CBD Oil From Botanika Life 

For CBD that is free from pesticides and GMOs, and undergoes minimal processing, turn to Botanika Life’s Elite Elixir. It contains two ingredients - 1,500 mg of full-spectrum CBD and hemp seed oil, both of which come from organically-grown hemp farmed in the United States. The result is a versatile product you can apply under your tongue, add to your food, or even apply to your face. 

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