CBD Gummies: 8 Reasons Why They’re the Perfect Cure-All to Always Have in Your Bag


8 CBD Gummies Benefits that Make Them the Perfect Cure-All

Sure, you could get your CBD through tinctures, topicals, and joints rolled with strains of bud high in the non-psychoactive cannabinoid. But there’s a less fussy way to get your daily dose of CBD: Gummies. There are some unique CBD gummies benefits that you’ll want to consider when deciding which CBD product should be your go-to.

Here are 8 CBD gummies benefits that make them essential cure-alls to keep in your bag.

1. Yummy Gummies

Who doesn’t like gummies? No matter your age, gummies are a fun way to get your dose of CBD, in all sorts of flavors to help keep things interesting. Making it fun means that you won’t forget to take your gummy — you might even look forward to it.

2. Few Side Effects

Taking CBD is one way to address a myriad of conditions that may be troubling you, without the aversive side effects that can accompany the use of conventional pharmaceutical medications. For example, taking NSAIDs for everyday aches and pains can cause stomach pain in the short term and liver damage in the long term. In contrast, CBD has few aversive side effects when taken in appropriate doses.

3. No Overdose of Danger

There’s no danger of overdosing on CBD. The worst thing that can happen to you when taking too much CBD is that you’ll want to take a nap to sleep off your gummy or gummies.

4. Children and Pets

In case you forgot: CBD is not psychoactive. CBD is safe for adults, children, and pets to use. That means you can keep it in your bag without needing to worry about who or what is going to get into your stash of gummies. It also means that gummies are a versatile supplement that can be used by the entire family.

5. A One-Stop Treatment

CBD has potent analgesic, anxiolytic, and anti-inflammatory effects that can address everyday symptoms like arthritis, sore muscles, stress, and anxiety, making it a one-stop treatment for a variety of common health conditions. You might even be able to get rid of some of your conventional prescriptionsaltogether.

6. Good Night of Sleep and a Wakeful Day

Even though CBD is not necessarily a sedative substance, studies have found that it can be a beneficial supplement to take for a good night of sleep. Eating a CBD gummy in the evening can help combat insomnia and keep you sleeping through the night.

Eating a CBD gummy in the daytime, however, can neutralize any feeling of fatigue, making you more alert and attuned to the task at hand.

7. Kick the Habit

Whether it’s you or a bystander who’s trying to quit smoking cigarettes, don’t be stingy on the gummies. CBD gummies are a quitter’s best friend. A recent study found that using CBD while quitting smokingreduced the number of cigarettes consumed by 40 percent. This effect is possibly due to CBD’s anxiety-busting effect.

8. Travel Well

With gummies, there’s no risk of spillage, no need to pull them out for TSA, and no funny looks from the people around you while you self-medicate. Take them anywhere and everywhere.