CBD Sprays: Say Goodbye to Anxiety and Stress


Manufacturers have been exploring the versatility of CBD in treating a wide range of conditions that are typically treated with conventional pharmaceuticals. The current understanding is that CBD is useful in treating symptoms of pain, inflammation, drug addiction. Another use for this prized cannabinoid? As an anti-anxiety CBD spray that can neutralize stress. In the heat of the moment, the formulation of an anti-anxiety CBD spray is superior than even the best CBD oil for anxiety.

Fast Relief with Anti-Anxiety CBD Spray

A key difference between sublingual CBD sprays and straightforward CBD oils is that the former is much more bioavailable than the latter. Even if you take CBD oil under your tongue, most of it is going to be processed through your digestive system.

Can CBD Help with Anxiety?

Sublingual sprays that harness the power of cannabinoids are not exactly new. Since 2010, a product called Sativex, made from a 1:1 ratio of synthetic THC and CBD has been on the market in many countries as a treatment for multiple sclerosis and neuropathic pain. Sublingual sprays that contain only CBD may not be optimized for treating pain symptoms, but a CBD spray is a potent anxiolytic on its own and is suitable for use among a wider range of patients.

While data from CBD studies on human subjects is relatively limited, there are a few out there that support the cannabinoid’s use by individuals suffering from anxiety disorders. One case study from 2016 found that CBD, taken as an oil tincture, safely and effectively addressed symptoms of PTSD (including anxiety and sleep issues) for a 10 year-old girl. It’s well worth noting that CBD, when derived from hemp, is legal for pediatric use in most places as it has no psychoactive properties.

Another interesting study from 2011 treated participants with social anxiety disorder with a CBD oil 90 minutes prior to a simulated public speaking event. Following the event, participants treated with a placebo had higher levels of discomfort, cognitive impairment, and focus than a control group of individuals without social anxiety disorder. Participants who were given CBD, on the other hand, were as at ease and focused as the healthy controls. This is a scenario where a fast-acting anti-anxiety CBD spray might save an anxious individual from a crippling panic attack or a moderate case of stage fright — imagine simply being able to take a spritz or two of anti-anxiety CBD spray shortly before a nerve-wracking public speaking event.

Whether you’re getting your CBD through an oil tincture or spray, you’ll likely find that the product will help with anxiety, but for many people, sprays may be the best fit due to their ease of use, their efficiency, and their potency. Sprays can deliver on-the-spot, concentrated relief for anxiety while an oil might be better used as an everyday supplement to help manage chronic symptoms of anxiety.

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