CBD Products for Healing Bruises & How They Work

Let’s say you suffer a nasty stumble while on the tennis court or slam your hand in the car door. While the first thought to enter your head is, no doubt, a series of expletives, another will creep in sooner or later: this is bound to leave a nasty bruise. 

Bruises are ugly and, more importantly, sensitive to the touch. So, naturally, you’ll want to find solutions to help them go away as soon as possible. This leads some people to ask can CBD help bruises heal faster?

CBD addresses pain and inflammation quickly and efficiently. Moreover, many CBD products formulated specifically for pain incorporate other ingredients like menthol that further numb and cool the region, further aiding in recovery. 

In that way, the short answer is yes, CBD pain products is good for helping to minimize the severity of a bruise and ultimately assist with healing. However, it’s worth acknowledging that no solution can fully make bruising disappear instantly. 

Not all CBD is equally suited to helping with bruising or offers the same overall quality. In this article, we'll dive into how it works, recommended topical CBD products, as well as additional tricks for helping bruises heal.

How CBD Helps With Healing Bruises and Pain Relief

CBD offers numerous benefits in mitigating pain and inflammation by directly interacting with the body's endocannabinoid system. This interaction provides CBD with an opportunity to influence the immune and nervous systems, as well as the neurotransmitters responsible for transmitting messages to the brain. By doing so, CBD curtails the reactions that cause inflammation while inhibiting the mechanisms that transmit the feeling of pain.

When it comes to bruises, topical creams, lotions, and ointments containing CBD work directly at the site of pain and inflammation. These products are specifically designed to target the affected area and provide localized relief. Unlike other forms of CBD consumption, such as oral ingestion, topicals have no bioavailability. Instead, they utilize CB receptors to be absorbed into the body, allowing the CBD to work precisely where it's needed.

In summary, CBD helps reduce bruising and swelling by suppressing inflammatory responses and promotes the production of healthy skin cells. Furthermore, CBD aids in balancing the body's regulatory systems responsible for maintaining homeostasis. While the bruise will still be visible, CBD can alleviate the soreness and discomfort associated with the injury.

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Botanika Life CBD Products for Pain Relief 

Bruising occurs when damaged blood vessels accumulate near the surface of the skin, which means that pain often accompanies the development of a bruise. By looking for CBD pain relief products that include additional ingredients known to help reduce bruising, you’re getting a jump on the healing process.

Botanika Life checks all these boxes with our use of all-natural yet potent ingredients like menthol, aloe, and arnica. Some of our most popular CBD products for pain and bruising include: 

Ultra Relief Muscle Pain Rub - This muscle rub incorporates 1,500 mg of full-spectrum CBD as well as lidocaine and a host of other powerful elements, all delivered in a massage-friendly balm for deep penetration into muscles and tendons. 

Pain Relief Roller With CBD, Lidocaine & Menthol - The roller is perfect for a mess-free application that gently rolls on top of the skin, perfect for delivering CBD to your sensitive bruises. What’s more, the menthol and lidocaine swiftly cool and numb the area. 


Pain Relief KitBox With CBD & Cryo Massage Roller- This comprehensive set has a 3.4oz bottle of the Super Soothing Pain Serum that works together with the Cryo Massage Roller to reduce inflammation and even lactic acid build-up.

Botanika Life was created with the mission of providing wellness products with premium-level results. All of the ingredients are natural and organic, farmed and extracted through sustainable methods in pesticide-free environments. These claims are backed up with third-party lab testing guarantees, easily available to consumers. 

Additional Ways to Help Heal Bruises

  • Cold compression - This method is often used by athletes and people recovering from surgery to help reduce pain, inflammation, and bruising. Consider purchasing a Cryo Massage Roller; you can store stainless steel ball in the freezer before popping it into the holder. Use it in conjunction with a CBD pain relieving product and glide it over the bruise, cooling the area while keeping your hands warm. 
  • Elevation  - The last step in RICE (rest-ice-compress-elevate), elevation can decrease blood flow and swelling to any particular area, therefore helping to mitigate where bruising may occur.
  • Eat foods rich with select nutrients - Citrus fruits have special flavonoids that can improve the appearance of bruising, especially in seniors with ongoing bruising issues. Crab, lobster, and spinach are all rich in zinc, which helps with wound and tissue healing. Fresh pineapple helps bruises heal faster, with natural doses of the flavonoid bromelain.
  • Other natural topical ingredients - CBD isn't the only natural element that can be applied to skin to help bruising. Nutrients like Vitamin K help with blood clotting, and Vitamin C promotes wound healing and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Other noteworthy natural solutions are arnica (which reduces inflammation and promotes blood flow) and aloe (which soothes the skin and reduces inflammation). All can found in topical creams or ointments, sometimes right alongside CBD. 
    • Avoid blood thinners - Blood thinners, such as aspirin or certain medications, can interfere with the blood clotting process, making it harder for bruises to heal. However, always consult with a trusted medical professional before stopping any prescribed medications. 
    • Use essential oils - Use essential oilsin conjunction with bruise-healing elements like arnica to further help with pain and inflammation relief. Frankincense can provide a relaxation factor to a topical aimed at bruise reduction. Rosemary and lavender are good to soothe the affected area.

    You may want to try Botanika Life’s Stress Ball product line, which provides relaxation and rejuvenation to the mind and body. With a bath bomb that includes lavender, you can soak away your stress, giving your skin the means to prevent further bruising.

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