How Eyebrow Growth Serums Work & Other FAQs

Having long eyelashes and full, thick brows is a dream for many people, which is why lash serums are all the rage in the cosmetics world lately. It makes sense… who doesn’t want to naturally strengthen, lengthen, and add volume to their lashes while framing their face with pristine brows?

But do eyebrow serums actually work? And are they safe for regular use? The answer to both questions is yes… as long as you choose a high-quality product with specific ingredients and use it consistently. 

Not all serums are formulated the same way and are safe to use for both eyelash and eyebrow growth. Many lash serums contain harmful growth hormone ingredients that can cause long-term damage or other health issues, so it is important to check the label to confirm your eyelash serum is paraben-free, made from all-natural ingredients, and verified by third-party lab testing. 

Because eyebrow serums have varying formulas, we can’t claim that all will work. However, a standout amongst the various serums is the Botanika Life’s Lash + Brow Growth Serum which offers a natural and powerful formula infused with AnaGain™ and PhytoCellTec™, which are the absolute top-of-the-line hair growth products. 

How Eyebrow and Eyelash Growth Serums Work? 

In order to understand how eyebrow serums work, you must understand how the individual ingredients work. 


As a breakthrough product for hair stimulation and growth, AnaGain™ is an extract derived from organic pea sprouts that contains powerful vitamins and minerals known for promoting hair growth. 

AnaGain™ works by stimulating specific molecules in the follicles that are required for hair growth. Furthermore, it nourishes the follicles with valuable nutrients like biotin that help ward off natural thinning and breakage, backed by clinical trials. 

PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica

This potent ingredient in Botanika Life’s Lash + Brow Growth Serum is made from rare Swiss apple stem cells. Rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites, PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica promotes the longevity of skin stem cells.

Plant stem cells aid in slowing the aging of skin, protecting it from environmental damage, and supporting healthy cell turnover. So, what does this mean for your lashes and brows? With the most potent ingredients available, PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica contributes to the regeneration of new lashes and brow hairs, while protecting the follicles and growth you already have. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Like with any hair growth product, it is important to follow the instructions and stay consistent in order to maximize results. 

Are Eyebrow Serums Safe? 

The thing about eyebrow serums, as with any cosmetic product, is that they are not all made with the same safety standards in place. It is important to know what to look for (and what to avoid) when choosing eyebrow and eyelash growth serums. 

The best eyebrow serums contain natural ingredients that strengthen the hair follicles without using dangerous growth hormones or other long-term damaging ingredients. Products that are vegan, sustainable, and free of parabens increase the likelihood of safe, positive results. Since your skin absorbs everything you put on it, make sure to choose a reputable company with products that are not only effective but also suitable for daily use. 

FAQ About Eyebrow and Eyelash Growth Serums

Will all lash serum work on eyebrows?

The answer to this question is largely determined by the eyelash serum you choose to buy. 

Some lash serums are formulated to work on both brows and lashes, as both areas have hair that is similar in texture. However, the serum applicator can affect the outcome. Most eyelash serums contain thin eyeliner-type applicators, while eyebrow serums usually have a thicker tip for application. Using a lash serum that is also created to work on eyebrows is the key to success.

Another important factor is once again ingredients. Since your eyelids and lash area contain some of the most sensitive skin on your face, avoid using a serum on both lashes and brows unless you are sure it is safe to do so. 

How long do growth serums take to work on eyelashes and eyebrows?

Everyone is different in terms of seeing eyelash and eyebrow growth. However, dedication to your daily routine is key to success. Some users report seeing noticeable changes by the third week, though achieving the ultimate desired results may take longer. The full life cycle of most people’s eyelashes is 10 weeks, so sticking with your routine is necessary to achieve the most dramatic results. 

Once I have the desired results, can I reduce usage or stop using it entirely?

Once you achieve the length and fullness you desire for your eyelashes and eyebrows, you will likely ask, what do I do now? 

Because of the short life cycle of lashes and brows, the effects of using a lash serum are short-lived unless you keep up with using it. If you completely stop using your lash serum, your lashes will likely return to normal within a few months. 

So when you reach that optimal point of fullness and length you are looking for, remember to keep up the maintenance or only take occasional, short breaks in order to keep that growth going. To maintain the effects, continue to apply the serum 2-3 times per week to maintain the desired appearance. Make sure to space out your application intervals evenly - a.k.a. not three days in a row - to achieve the best results. 

What are other tips for caring for my eyebrows and eyelashes?

Let your eyebrows grow

Let your eyebrows grow untouched for 6-8 weeks… and yes that means no tweezing, waxing, or threading during that time. This timeframe trains your eyebrows to grow in sparse areas. So while you are using your eyebrow serum, let those brows breathe and grow for a bit and then once you’ve reached the desired fullness, it’s time to start shaping them again. 

Carefully shape your brows

Properly shaping your eyebrows can enhance the look of your entire face. 

Well-maintained brows and lashes make you appear more refreshed and create an enhanced pallet for makeup application.

For best results, once you have let your brows grow out and regularly use eyebrow serum to fill in the gaps, you should work with the natural shape of your brows and tidy them up with tweezers. Make sure not to overe-tweeze. Less is more in this scenario. 

Strategically wash your face

Eyelash problems like brittleness, stunted growth, and breakage can occur for several reasons, one of which is excess makeup drying up and irritating the eyelash follicles. Eye makeup can dry out your lashes, so it is important to have a consistent face-washing regimen with clean, safe products intended for eye use to keep your skin fresh and clean. However, avoid excessive rubbing or harsh products which can cause lashes to fall out or break. 

Brush your eyelashes

Yes, eyebrow and eyelash serums work, but go the extra mile. Brushing lashes is a simple yet effective practice that helps distribute natural oils along the length of the lashes, promoting their health and shine while preventing brittleness.