Incorporating CBD into Your Nightly Bedtime Routine

CBD should not cause drowsiness unless combined with other ingredients such as melatonin and therefore is appropriate to take at any time. However, this powerful plant-based ingredient can be particularly beneficial to your nighttime routine. 

Harness CBD skin-enriching benefits to prep your skin for bed, rub it onto problem areas to dull lingering aches, or use it to enter the ideal state of mind for rest. After all, when incorporated into your night-time ritual, CBD can help soothe feelings of tension, discomfort, and anxiety. Easing not only your body but also your mind, CBD can be the key to unlocking the sleep and renewal your body is craving. 

Intrigued? In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the many ways you can use CBD at night, as well as answer questions like how much to take before bed. 

Using CBD to Unwind Before Bed

Baths with CBD-infused bath bombs

Elevate your self-care routine by popping a CBD-infused bath bomb into your tub, leaning back, and letting physical and mental stresses dissipate. The power of CBD mixed with naturally soothing ingredients like eucalyptus or lavender essential oils will melt away your muscle tension and help you unwind mentally and physically. Because CBD is absorbed through skin, it can interact with the endocannabinoid system to help keep anxiety levels in check. 


Integrate CBD into your meditation practices before bed

If you haven’t jumped on the meditation bandwagon yet, you’ve been missing out. Not only is this a powerful tool for calming anxiety and stress, but it can even help lower cortisol levels. Adding CBD to your meditation practice can enhance your experience, aiding in you achieving the ultimate state of relaxation. 

CBD affects serotonin receptors in your body, which naturally cause feelings of relaxation, stabilization of mood, and calming relief for your body and mind. The alleviating effects of CBD are supported through regular meditation, creating a powerful combination to prepare you for a deep and relaxing nighttime slumber. 

Incorporating CBD into your nightly skincare

CBD-Based Moisturizing Elixirs 

With a potent blend of botanical ingredients like plant stem and full-spectrum CBD, the Plant Stem Cell Skin Elixir locks in moisture leaving skin with unparalleled nourishment and glow. The age-defying results of this CBD-based elixir will restore and soften your skin for a pre-bedtime mini facial in your own home. 

CBD-Infused Face Wash 

With potent plant extracts and antioxidant properties, CBD face wash delivers a deep and skin-calming cleanse that is ideal for nighttime. Dissolving dirt and oil in your pores, while diminishing inflammation and irritation, CBD-infused products free of parabens, sulfates, and drying alcohols may be the missing link to your beauty regimen. If you have acne-prone skin or experience chronic breakouts, consistent using a CBD facial wash before bed can result in noticeably clearer skin. 

Using CBD-infused sleep aids for bed time 

CBD Sleep Spray 

The calming effects of using a CBD sleep spray can help you feel more relaxed and ease you into a relaxing slumber. By relieving insomnia caused by pain, anxiety, or altered circadian rhythms, using a natural CBD sleep spray before bed can completely improve how quickly you fall asleep, the length of deep sleep you achieve, and result in you waking up feeling refreshed the next morning.

Multi-Use Elite Elixir

Is there anything better than a multi-use CBD oil that can be applied topically to soothe your skin and also be ingested sublingually? With 1500mg of full-spectrum CBD oil and organic hemp seed oil, you can put a few drops of this all-purpose Elite Elixir under your tongue to aid in relaxing your mind and body. With 1,500mg of full spectrum CBD the Elite Elixir naturally helps ease anxiety, stabilize your mood, and decrease your aches and pains, leading to a restful night’s sleep.

Complete Your Bedtime Routine With CBD From Botanika Life

With a premium blend of natural botanicals and full-spectrum quality CBD, Botanika Life products include the highest-quality organically grown hemp from the USA. 

Botanika Life products are rigorously tested by a third-party laboratory to verify quality and consistency. Plus, A detailed certificate of authenticity is included for every CBD product, so you can rest assured that you are using the highest-quality products on your skin and in your body.

FAQs About Using CBD Before Bed 

How much CBD should you take at night to help relax and sleep?

The average recommended CBD dosage is from 25 to 75 mg. If you’re new to using CBD, we suggest starting with lower amounts and gradually increasing the amount you use before bed. 

The time needed for CBD to take effect is influenced by the method of use, the amount of food/drinks in your system, and the type of CBD used. If you are ingesting CBD oil to assist with sleeping, take it roughly 30 to 60 minutes before you want to be asleep. This allows your body to absorb the CBD, allowing the positive benefits to take effect in order to get a good night’s sleep. 

How will CBD make me feel in the morning? 

Since CBD is not a sedative like sleeping pills, you should not have any negative side effects like grogginess the morning after you take it the night before. CBD should help you attain more restorative and deep sleep so that you wake up feeling well-rested and energized in the morning. 

Can CBD help with conditions that commonly interrupt sleep, like RLS?

Restless leg syndrome, or RLS, is characterized by an unbearable urge to move your legs, causing people to toss and turn thus leading to sleepless nights. When incorporated into your daily routine, CBD can help soothe feelings of tension and discomfort which can help RLS symptoms. There are several ways to use CBD for restless leg syndrome, with the most popular being oral or topical. Since RLS symptoms tend to be strongest in the evening and can flare up when you lie down in bed, it is ideal to use CBD in your pre-bedtime routine, so you can prevent discomfort before it starts. To dive into this topic deeper, read CBD For Restless Leg Syndrome - How it Works

Can I use CBD if I’m drinking alcohol? 

There is no evidence suggesting that CBD and alcohol interact badly with each other, so it is safe to assume taking CBD while drinking alcohol is not harmful as long as you are not overusing either substance. Although they may not negatively interact with one another, both CBD and alcohol have calming effects so the two substances may amplify each other. To mitigate any potential side effects, avoid overconsumption of alcohol while using CBD products. 


By Emily Wegener

With a unique background as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Masters Degree in Teaching and experience in Psychology, Emily spends much of her time researching and trying out new holistic healing modalities.