• What are the differences between a gua sha crystal and a crystal roller like the one found in the Skin Elixir Set? Though both facial tools use quartz and help stimulate blood flow, they are surprisingly dissimilar. The design of the roller is ideal for those new to using crystal facial tools or who want to quickly boost their skin before rushing out the door (or throughout the day). Alternatively, we recommend that users of the crystal gua sha facial tool take their time in order to reap the full rewards of this tool. Additionally, the application technique is much more important for the crystal gua sha than with a roller; we suggest beginners watch instructional videos before using it themselves.

    Are crystal gua sha facial tools worth the extra effort? Absolutely, as the overall benefits tend to last longer than those provided with facial rollers. 
  • Can I use the gua sha crystal on other parts of my body besides my face? Though designed as a facial tool, the gua sha crystal can also be used to massage muscles and joints for increased circulation and relaxing tenseness. For the best results, use the tool in conjunction with a topical CBD cream
  • Can I put the gua sha in the freezer? Absolutely! In fact, this is a great way to give yourself a refreshing treat.