15 Luxury Gifts for Bath Lovers

At Botanika Life, we believe that everyone, at their core, is a bath lover. Those who don’t recognize themselves as such merely haven't had the chance to indulge in the pure bliss of a truly luxurious bath experience. After all, who wouldn’t appreciate fully submerging themselves in delightfully warm waters, proven to alleviate stress, soothe various aches, contribute to the quality of sleep, and improve circulation and blood pressure?

In this spirit, we have compiled 15 ideas for gifts perfectly suited to bath lovers and those lukewarm on the notion. 


CBD-Enhanced Bath Bombs

Bath bombs pack essential oils and other nourishing ingredients into a single sphere; drop it into the bath, and it immediately generates a fizzy experience while enriching the water. While fun and luxurious enough on their own, bath bombs enhanced with CBD can deliver a wealth of advantages that boost both your mood and wellness. Benefits from CBD bath bombs can include: 

  • Enhances relaxation and can ease anxiety
  • Heightens skin hydration with CBD's antioxidants for soft, supple skin
  • Swift pain relief for issues like arthritis and muscle spasms through skin absorption
  • Offers anti-inflammatory properties


Botanika Life’s bath bombs include lavender, rose, sandalwood, and eucalyptus, but our top recommended choice for bath lovers would be our CBD bath bomb gift set which offers one of each!


Like all Botanika Life wellness products, our bath bombs use organically grown CBD sourced from Colorado or Oregon, combined with other potent plant-based ingredients. Furthermore, these products are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and Legit-Script-certified. Give our CBD bath bombs to gift the experience of luxurious silkiness from head to toe and overall wellness.


Moisturizing Skin Elixirs 

Prolonged exposure to hot water in a bath can strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to dryness and dehydration. Additionally, the use of harsh soaps or bath products with high alcohol content can further contribute to moisture loss, leaving the skin dry and prone to irritation. 

Therefore, we’re hard pressed to think of a better gift idea for a bath lover than moisturizing face serums! Look for nourishing skin products that showcase ingredients celebrated for their hydrating properties, such as CBD, marula, squalane, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, aloe leaf oil, and sweet almond oil, to name just a few.



Bathtub Trays 

As every bath lover knows, soaking in the suds is about more than getting clean—it’s about carving out time to truly relax and give yourself the TLC you deserve. The gift of bath trays only enhances this sentiment by bringing everything you could possibly need within easy reach. For a true touch of luxury, gift your favorite bath lover one crafted from authentic wood rich with practical features; this example from Native Range incorporates designated holders for a candle and wine glass, along with a stand to support a book or iPad. Just make sure to know the exact measurements of the recipient’s tub before ordering! 


Strategically Chosen Candles

While it's expected to find candles on a list of gifts for bath lovers, the careful consideration that should go into the selection may be an eye-opener. After all, the candle’s smell will be mixed with the aroma of your bath products—choosing clashing or overly potent scents can produce less-than-desirable results. Therefore, we suggest either choosing candles with subtle notes or carefully pairing the candles with bath bombs or products within your gift basket. To help inspire, combinations that could pair well together include:

7th Avenue Candles lets you browse by scent type, and even has gift suggestions for every kind of bath lover and occasion. 


Bath Brushes

We consider the bath brush to be the unsung hero of bathing, as its role is often undervalued. But, once you try a luxury bath brush, you won’t overlook this handy tool ever again! If made from boar hair or similarly quality materials, the bristles will exfoliate dead skin and encourage circulation without being too rough on the skin. This can help slow the onset of cellulite and acne, and keep skin feeling silky smooth. Invest in a higher-end bath brush, like those made from Bayside Brush, for a gift that will provide extended use to your favorite bath lover. 


Bath Pillow

Baths offer numerous delights—the soothing ambiance, the comforting warmth, and the overall nourishment for the body. However, if there's a drawback, it’s the occasional awkwardness (or even discomfort) when trying to find a comfortable position for the head. For this reason, a bath pillow is the perfect gift for a bath lover! 

While they’re available for a variety of price points, splurge on one made with memory gel for unbeatable comfort. This example from Vintage Tub & Bath even has suction cups compatible with stone or acrylic. 

Stylish Bathrobe 

The right bathrobe feels much like a warm hug, encouraging the wearer to continue to feel peak comfort even after stepping out of the water. Our tips? Gift the bath lover in your life a robe made with Egyptian cotton or a similarly luxurious textile, and don’t shy away from bold colors or patterns! Crafters like Bown of London even enable you to monogram the robe for that extra personal touch. 


Plush Bath Rug 

What does every bath lover dread? The moment they’re forced out of the water’s warmth and back onto dry, hard land. So why not make that first step from the tub all the more pleasant with a thick bath rug? Luxury craftsmen like Fig Linens and Home design the rugs for peak plushness and absorption, and even offer 60 different colors that can coordinate with your bath lover’s towels.


Towel Warmer

The perfect bath-time experience is the culmination of the little things: gentle lighting, your choice of music, the steamy water . . . Once the bath is over, appreciation for details shouldn’t subside. Sustain the sense of luxury by presenting a towel-warming rack as a gift. Your loved one can step from the now-cooled waters into the toasty embrace of a heated towel, a true indulgence they surely deserve. Towel warmers come in various dimensions and designs, as shown by Warmly Yours, proving there’s an option for bathrooms of all sizes.


Bonus Gift Ideas for Bath Lovers

Need further ideas to capture the heart of the bath lover in your life? Consider:

  • Personalized towel sets
  • Natural sea sponges
  • Water bottle to encourage hydration
  • Floating bath lights
  • Waterproof speakers for the shower and bath
  • Body moisturizers