20 Good Morning Habits to Start Your Day

When it comes to starting your day on a positive note, there are more than enough theories on which habits work best. From waking up to a healthy yoga session or blasting an uplifting music playlist, the options are almost endless. Our point? Finding good ways to start your day is a personal journey that may be full of experimentation, not just about which positive habits you try but the order in which you do them. 

We compiled some of our favorite ideas for positive morning rituals in which you may find inspiration. 

Addressing Your Mood & Mental Wellness Through Healthy Habits 

Meditation and breathing exercises

One way to start your day positively is by beginning your morning by practicing meditation or breathing exercises. This routine gives you time to reflect, feel grounded, and prepare your mind for the upcoming day. If you are new to these practices, look for a video or app offering easy-to-follow guided meditations and breathwork.

Create a dedicated space for your mind-centering sessions and remember that consistency is key to seeing the benefits. If guided meditations aren't your thing, then focus on breathing calmly while feeling grateful and uplifted, an activity that can be done while you walk the dog, take a bath, or do one of the other morning habits listed here. 


After your body has been in a static position all night, stretching first thing in the morning provides a much-needed release for your muscles and also wakes up your mind. This can be as simple as doing a few arm and leg stretches after getting out of bed or even 5 minutes of yoga to wake up your body.

Create a music playlist that lifts your spirits 

Numerous studies show that music can boost your mood, making it a good way to start to your day. Creating a motivational morning playlist is a great way to put a smile on your face and get your body moving. Choose positive songs that bring you joy or create a playlist that promotes relaxation if you need a calm mindset upon waking. 

Find positive affirmations that speak to you

Everyone is different regarding what morning habits work best for them, but you can't go wrong with adding positive affirmations to the mix. Creating a positive mindset that focuses on thankfulness helps combat limiting beliefs that can stand in your way throughout the day. 

Positive affirmations look different for each person and can be repeated mentally, aloud, or even written down. Examples of good sentiments for the morning include, "I am excited for the day ahead of me," "I am so grateful for the house I get to wake up in," or "I am going to have an amazing day." 

Write down gratitude lists

On the same note as affirmations, writing down a list of things for which you are grateful is also a good morning habit that can uplift the rest of your day. Connecting with gratitude puts you in a space of love and joy, increasing your positive energy and elevating your morning mood.

Step outside for fresh air – important for “work at home” folks

Meeting your basic needs of water, air, and sunlight is vital for optimal health. If you can expose yourself to these elements during your morning routine, then all the better. Breathing fresh air can invigorate your mind and body, waking you up and getting things in motion. Most people are deficient in vitamin D, so getting in some sunlight as soon as possible can help with energy and overall health, helping to regulate your circadian rhythm. 

If you work from home or must commute first thing in the morning, try opening a window and sitting in the sunlight in your house or car. 

Avoid checking social media, emails, and news first thing

Start your day with a clear mind by avoiding technology at all costs. Nearly 50% of people check their phone first thing in the morning. Not only can this be a waste of time as you get sucked into social media, news, or emails, but it is also not an ideal morning routine for your mental and emotional health. 

Waking up and reaching straight for your phone moves you directly into a chaotic headspace focused on the world around you instead of being mindful of yourself. Many people use the alarm on their phones to wake up, but steering clear of technology after you turn off your alarm is a better option for starting your day positively.  

If possible, avoid using your phone entirely for the first hour after waking up. Research indicates that getting your first dopamine hit of the day through social media can cause you to crave this stimulation for the rest of the day. 

Good Morning Habits – Eating and Drinking Healthy

Drinking water

Hydration is key to mental clarity and physical well-being, so drinking water first thing after waking can be the best way to start your morning. 

Creating a morning routine that includes drinking a full glass of room-temperature water combats dehydration and can boost your energy. Hydrating your body first thing in the morning is one of the healthiest ways to start your day by flushing out toxins built up in your system from the day before. It also helps kickstart your metabolism. Waking up your digestive system in this way assists in digestion and cravings as your day unfolds.

Opting for low sugar, healthy foods and smoothies

A healthy way to start your day includes a balanced breakfast. A breakfast smoothie is an easy way to get fiber, protein, and nutrients first thing in the morning, but keep in mind to keep your sugar count low. Sugar causes blood sugar levels to spike, causing an insulin crash, which can lead to fatigue and hunger. 

For the ultimate smoothie to work into your morning habits, why not try one enriched with ingredients tied to anti-anxiety? These can include green tea, CBD, tumeric, and dark chocolate. 

Delaying caffeine intake 

Reaching for a cup of coffee or tea when you first wake up is commonplace for many people worldwide. However, some research indicates that holding off on caffeinated beverages immediately after rising is better for your body.

A habit of drinking a caffeinated beverage first thing in the morning may poorly interact with cortisol, your stress hormone. Cortisol enhances alertness and focus, reaching its peak level 30-45 minutes after waking up and slowly decreasing throughout the day. Instead of having coffee at the same time your body naturally creates this alertness-provoking hormone, perhaps wait until mid to late morning when your cortisol levels are lower and see how you feel. Drinking a cup of joe when cortisol is at its highest point may increase your cortisol levels, which may have a negative effect on your health. 

If delaying your morning caffeine seems impossible, then at least try drinking a cup of water first. 

Healthy Bathing Habits 


Self-care is important at any point in the day, and creating good morning habits can set you up for success in this area. A morning routine that includes bathing, a skincare regimen, and getting dressed is important for your mental health, even if you work from home. 

Everyone is different in terms of starting their day with a piping hot shower or an icy cold one to get them into action, but if you haven’t explored the cold shower option, it might be time to try. Studies suggest that cold water immersion via an ice bath or even a cold shower can improve your overall health. It can also give you that jolt of energy you might need, making it a good way to start the day. 

Morning skincare 

If you are looking for a way to start your day off on the right foot, tending to your skin may give you an added glow and a boost of confidence. At a bare minimum, having a morning skincare cleansing and moisturizing ritual can reduce puffiness and even skin tone, giving you a fresh start. 

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Additional Ideas on How to Start Your Morning on a Positive Note

Set aside time to connect with loved ones

Whether you live alone or with others, spending time with loved ones or a quick morning phone call to someone special can help set your mood in the right direction. Spending time with your kids or spouse while eating breakfast before the day's chaos can help you feel more grounded and connected to what's most important. Personally, we can’t think of a more positive morning habit than that! 

Spend 10 minutes straightening up the house

Some people prefer to pick up their house or do a "reset" before bed at night, but others find it a valuable way to set the stage for a productive day. Even taking 15 minutes to empty the dishwasher, taking out the trash, or tidying up can be good morning habits.

Not to sound like your mom, but making your bed in the morning is known as a key task for starting a productive day. It might seem like a small accomplishment, but the daily habit of making your bed may kickstart a chain of other productive habits in the day and help you feel accomplished. 

Wake up early to give yourself extra time to do something that makes you happy

If you are questioning how to start your day positively, creating a few minutes of “you” time may just be the missing link. Spending a little time doing something you love can create a domino effect of positivity. Whether this is emotional, physical, spiritual, or all of the above, focusing on something that brings you joy is a great precursor for the day to come. 

This could include reading a devotional or chapter of a book, journaling, taking a short walk, or talking to a loved one. The key here is finding something you connect with.

Continue to Experiment with Your Habits to Find the Right Morning Routine for Your

The secret to a positive morning may differ for everyone, but consistency is the key to success. Starting each day with a specific mindset and intention that works for you is an excellent foundation for a positive morning routine. 


By Emily Wegener

With a unique background as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Masters Degree in Teaching and experience in Psychology, Emily spends much of her time researching and trying out new holistic healing modalities.