Does Rubbing CBD On Your Feet Help Relieve Aches and Pains?

There’s a myriad of advice out there for solving pain, but it mostly revolves around joint and muscle pain in the limbs, back, and neck. That’s great if you have that particular ache, but we often forget about the pain we experience in two of our most important appendages, our feet. 

Yes, the feet support the entirety of the body. All of the walking, standing, and weight-shifting we do comes down to the feet. Literally. Because of this, our feet can suffer much more than we may realize. It’s actually not uncommon for foot injury to result in intense pain due to the weight we carry, the shoes we wear, an uneven gait, or excessive strain on the soft tissues and joints.

Rubbing CBD-based products on your feet is a possible solution to alleviate some of the pain and inflammation. However, not all CBD oil is equally effective. Plus, there are certain formulas that combine multiple pain relief ingredients for a multi-prong approach. In this article, we’ll breakdown how CBD can help with foot pain and specific products geared toward for your specific needs. 

The Science of CBD

CBD is a cannabinoid, and as such it affects the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. This system influences many aspects of the body which provide balance and homeostasis, like enzyme systems, hormones, and neurotransmitters found in the organs, immune, digestive, and nervous systems, and the brain. Using a topical CBD product has the potential to greatly reduce inflammation in the joints and muscles, inhibit excessive pain signals, encourage better circulation, and assist with wound healing. 

While we’ll be further diving into how CBD helps with feet, it’s also worth acknowledging that it can alleviate tight muscles, neck and shoulder pain, and even stomach issues

How does CBD Oil Specifically Work to Alleviate Foot Pain?

As mentioned above, the ability for CBD to diminish inflammation and affect nerve pain are the most important aspects it brings to stopping foot pain in its path. The foot is made up of many smaller bones, tendons, and soft tissue that can cause moderate to severe discomfort when aggravated or injured.

It’s important to know that using CBD only helps with the symptoms of the pain, but cannot actually solve major injury to the plantar fascia, or tendons. You should always consult a doctor if you have recurring or severe pain anywhere in your body, and speak frankly about the pain management you wish to implement, even if it includes non-prescription medication or options outside of surgery.

Below, you will see some of the most common foot complaints, and how helpful CBD could be in giving you a better quality of life, with reduced pain and discomfort.

Let’s look at some common foot conditions which CBD can provide help for:

  • Plantar Fasciitis

This foot condition usually exhibits pain in the front of the heel, or at the bottom of the foot, and becomes more acute as you put weight on your feet. It’s a very common type of foot pain, as it is due to inflammation in the band of tissues that connects the heel bone to the toes. Though the pain often goes away fairly quickly, it is recurring, and can be excruciating to the point that it can affect energy and productivity levels.

  • Gout

A type of arthritis that happens when there is an excess of uric acid buildup in the bloodstream, which then causes uric crystals to form around joints, gout can be brought on through high blood pressure, diabetes, chemotherapy, and even surgery. It causes acute pain in the big toe, along with swelling. 

  • Tendonitis

The most well-known tendon in the foot is, of course, the Achilles tendon, which connects the lower calf to the heel bone. This type of tendonitis is very common in runners- those that train too excessively, as well as those that aren’t in great shape. The pain is usually felt primarily in the back of the leg, and the calf. Injury can progress slowly enough that you may not seek pain relief until it is very bad. 

  • Diabetic Neuropathy

Unlike tendonitis and plantar fasciitis, diabetic neuropathy is not related to the tendons or soft tissues in the foot, but rather the nerves. Through the progression of diabetes, (even if it is well-controlled and adequately supervised by the proper doctors) nerve damage can occur that is known as neuropathy. Affecting the feet and the legs, this neuropathy can cause bone and joint pain, among other things.


Botanika Life CBD Pain Relief Products for Your Feet

Botanika Life offers CBD-based pain products representing  a variety of topical application styles to best fit your preferences and lifestyle. However, they all use full-spectrum CBD that is organically grown in the USA, as well as other high quality ingredients proven to act fast to subdued pain, including lidocaine and menthol. Additionally, our pain products are tested using third-party labs (with the results published for you to see) to verify the cleanliness of our ingredients. 

Ultra-Relief Pain Rub: Looking for relief for sore muscles or nerve pain? Try out the pain rub. It’s a combination of 1500mg of full spectrum CBD, proven pain-reliever arnica, along with numbing lidocaine, and cooling menthol. Can you think of anything more wonderful than massaging this CBD muscle rub on your aching feet? Neither can we. 

Pain Relief Kit Box: This is the ultimate pain relief package! It includes the Super Soothing Pain Serum which delivers 500mg of full spectrum CBD, lidocaine, and menthol. Work the CBD cream into your feet with the included Cryo Massage Roller, the ultimate handheld massage that provides the perfect balance of coolness and pressure.