How CBD Tightens Skin and Helps Wrinkles

CBD is trumpeted as a natural anti-aging solution for its ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as to combat sagginess. However, is this reputation well-earned? In the article, we’ll dive into how and why CBD helps tighten. 


Learn How CBD Oil Tightens Skin and Helps Wrinkles

CBD Helps Boosts Skin Elasticity

Elastin is the body’s natural element that allows the skin to “snap back” to its firmest texture. When elastin production wanes, saggy or leathery skin can be the result. CBD has a positive effect on elastin production, helping to keep skin firm and tight, all which may delay the onset of wrinkles. 

CBD Helps Mitigate the Impact of Free Radicals

Free radicals are the biggest contributor to oxidative stress (the condition of free radicals overwhelming the antioxidants in your body). When the free radicals outnumber the antioxidants, cellular damage and death occur, causing the telltale signs of aging. CBD is antioxidant-rich, so it replenishes antioxidants and banishes free radicals. In turn, cells stay healthier and live longer.

CBD Helps Smooth and Refine Surface Skin Texture

Along with combatting tired skin and wrinkles that can show with age, CBD smooths, plumps, and brightens complexions for an overall tighter, rejuvenated look. 

Dryness is also a visible sign that can be aesthetically unpleasing, and highlight lines and other blemishes on the skin. CBD can take care of this too due to its ability to lock in moisture. 

Keep in mind that CBD oil users can reap the skin-tightening and brightening benefits in multiple ways, including topical application, usage under the tongue, or adding it to drinks or food.

CBD Helps Collagen Production

Collagen is very important to keep skin looking and feeling tight, healthy, and flexible. After all, when skin scarring occurs (such as stretch marks, cellulite, and fine lines) it is due to a lack of collagen to help the skin adjust to sudden or consistent change. Unfortunately, as you age, natural collagen production falls off, and that’s why skin scarring can occur more frequently and permanently.

CBD, as a powerful antioxidant, promotes and encourages better collagen production, especially when it is lacking. Bumps, ridges, and channels that form at the surface of the skin can be smoothed out over time. CBD can also help lessen the appearance of new wrinkles, stretch marks, and cellulite.

CBD Helps Protect Skin From Environmental Factors

The environmental factors that can contribute to signs of aging range from UV damage from the sun to toxic pollution in the air. While CBD cannot outright eliminate all external influences on your complexion, its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and soothe irritated skin. 

CBD Encourages Healthy Sleep 

CBD is known to help promote relaxation, de-stress, and mitigate anxiety. While healthy rest is important for your mind and overall importance, it also is integral to your complexion. Sleep helps blood flow, regulates cortisol levels, and improves cell turnover, all of which leads to clearer, tighter skin. 


Other Ways CBD Can Help Skincare

CBD Can Assist With Breakout Prevention

Acne can be caused by several different factors that include inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and clogged pores. Red acne happens when inflammation causes skin changes, so CBD is incredibly effective due to the anti-inflammation properties in CBD oil.

Other types of acne are caused when the body is out of balance. If hormones aren’t properly regulated, or there is too much sebum- a naturally produced oil- then blackheads can occur, and clogged pores will create bumps. CBD helps balance the body’s natural oils, addressing the source of pimples and bumps while remaining gentle on the complexion. 

Relief from Other Skin Conditions

Other sensitive skin conditions for which CBD is known to provide relief include psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, and other types of dermatitis. As with acne, CBD’s amazing anti-inflammatory abilities come into play to help with these skin conditions. 

Not only can it soothe dry and scaly skin, reduce bumps and hyperpigmentation, and regulate skin and sebum production, but it also gives you relief from the itching and uncomfortableness that signal the immune system’s response. Unlike other products, CBD works internally and externally to reduce and resolve common skin conditions.

CBD From Botanika Life for Healthy, Tight Skin

Whether you want to moisturize, brighten your complexion, or naturally tighten skin, CBD-based products from Botanika Life provide the high-quality solutions your complexion deserves. All of our elixirs use solely plant-based ingredients grown in the USA free from pesticides and GMOs. 

Botanika Life CBD Skin Elixirs

  • Elite Elixir: The Elite Elixir has 1500mg of full spectrum CBD oil and an organically farmed hemp seed oil that’s chock full of antioxidants to reduce lines, wrinkles, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation.
  • Plant Stem Cell & CBD Elixir: The Plant Stem Cell Elixir is a combination of apple stem cells, 1000mg of full spectrum CBD oil, and marula. These botanicals preserve vitality and promote longevity to the skin cells, potentially making your skin tighter and plumper to help counter wrinkles. 
Plant Stem Enhanced Graphic
  • Vitamin C & CBD Elixir: The Vitamin C Elixir also includes 1000mg of full spectrum CBD oil and squalane, all which target hyperpigmentation and other dark spots from environmental factors like UV damage.
  • Deep Clean Facial Cleanser With CBD & Aloe - Prepping your skin to minimize wrinkles starts with the very first step of your morning care routine, washing your face. This nourishing cleanse simultaneously purifies and protects your complexion with the help of CBD, shea butter, aloe leaf juice, and more.
  • Calming Facial Toner - Toners can play a vital role in both cleansing and protecting your skin. Botanika Life crafts our toner with a number of carefully chosen plant-based ingredients including witch hazel, neem leaf extract, hyaluronic acid, and CBD to give your skin a beneficial boost.

Not sure which elixir is best for you (or simply want to incorporate multiple CBD products into your skincare routine), try out the Skin Elixir Set.