Using CBD on Airplanes: Flight Anxiety & Other FAQs

Even if you don't have an extreme aversion to flying, traveling can be stressful for many people. In fact, fear of flying, known as aviophobia, affects up to 40% of travelers and can be classified as an anxiety disorder in extreme cases.

CBD is widely known to ease feelings of anxiousness and, unlike some other anti-anxiety solutions, it doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription. Therefore, for some flyers, it could be the ideal stress-reliever when dealing with airplanes. Better still, CBD can help ward off jet lag and assist with sleep while on the go.

Be mindful that there are differing laws for carrying CBD products on airplanes to various states and countries, so it is essential to know about legal restrictions before hopping onto a flight. Moreover, different application styles provide varying results, making some better suited than others for your specific needs.

To help you navigate CBD for flights and travel, keep reading. 

How CBD Can Help Curtail Flight Anxiety

Taking CBD for flight anxiety can lessen your body’s response to stress, making riding in the airplane a less taxing experience. CBD activates receptors in your brain’s amygdala, which can block anxiety signals between your brain and body.

The human body has an endocannabinoid system with cannabinoid receptors attached to cells. CBD interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors, many of which are found in the central nervous system, impacting your immune system, sleep, and sensory responses. 

When you take CBD before or during a flight, you can expect to feel more relaxed and less anxious, along with a boost in your mood. CBD does not have mind-altering effects like marijuana since it legally contains less than 0.3% THC. 

CBD should not make you feel drowsy unless you take it when you are already very sleepy, like at bedtime. If CBD makes you feel slightly tired during the day, try altering your dosage.

What’s the most effective way of using CBD for flight-related anxiety?

The method you take CBD determines how quickly the cannabinoids begin taking effect in your body. Applying CBD oil or a CBD spray directly under the tongue (sublingually) is often the quickest absorption method, with effects felt in as little as 15 minutes to 1 hour. 

CBD oils are one of the most popular CBD options for flight anxiety because of the way CBD accesses your endocannabinoid system, aka the receptors in your body that are activated to release anti-anxiety sensations. Not only does sublingual CBD activate these internal receptors and bypass your digestive system, but it is also instantly absorbed through the receptors in your mouth. For this reason, edibles like gummies are a less effective form of CBD for confronting airplane-related anxiety.


Should I take CBD before or during my flight?

Although sublingual CBD may calm your flight anxiety in as little as 15 minutes, it is a good idea to take it prior to boarding the airplane, especially if you are not sure how your body responds. Consider taking CBD an hour or two before your flight to feel the best results while up in the air. 

If you haven't used CBD before, trying it before your flight experience is ideal to find out how your body processes it, giving you time to learn what dosage works best for you. 

How much CBD should users take for flight anxiety?

Always follow the dosage instructions on your CBD products. If you are new to taking CBD and wondering how much CBD to take for flight anxiety, start with a low CBD oil dose, around 3-5 drops, even if the instructions suggest more.

If you don't experience the effects you are looking for, you can use a few more drops after an hour or two. Everyone is different in terms of how quickly and strongly they feel the impact of CBD, so always stay on the cautious side if you have yet to take CBD before.

Are there CBD products that can help you sleep?

Whether you want to pass the time while flying with a nap or ward off insomnia while traveling, CBD is a natural and safe way to help your body relax. CBD works as an anti-anxiety mechanism by calming your nervous system and reducing physical pain like muscle aches from traveling. However, because CBD taken in appropriate amounts shouldn’t induce drowsiness, the most effective sleep solution is to combine CBD with other natural ingredients like melatonin.

Botanika Life CBD Sleep Spray combines magnesium, GABA, melatonin, and broad-spectrum CBD to help you drift off to sleep. This CBD spray is also great to have on hand to quell your anxiety while you travel.

Can You Carry CBD Products Onto Planes?

In many cases, it is legal to take CBD on an airplane. CBD is legal throughout all of the United States because it is derived from hemp, which is guaranteed to have less than 0.3% THC. 

When traveling outside the United States, regulations change based on the country and region you are going to. CBD is illegal in several European and Asian countries and is strictly banned in most African and Middle Eastern countries. 

If traveling abroad, check out Where CBD Is & Isn’t Legal: France, Italy, Aruba & More before taking CBD on an airplane. Also, make sure to adhere to liquid allowances for your carry-on luggage when it comes to CBD oil. 

Additional Uses of CBD While on Airplanes

  • Easing muscle tension and stiffness during extended periods of sitting
  • Assisting in managing motion sickness and nausea
  • Providing natural pain relief for headaches or body aches
  • Keeping skin well-hydrated to counter the plane’s dry air

Why Buy with Botanika Life for CBD Products

The quality of CBD you choose for your flight anxiety is of the utmost importance. 

Crafted from organically grown ingredients, and meticulously cultivated without pesticides or GMOs, Botanika Life products stand renowned for their unparalleled quality and remarkable efficacy.

Moreover, our products have higher concentrations of CBD than most other products on the market. Whether you seek muscle rubs to help stiff knees while on the airplane or our Elite Elixir CBD oil, expect to see at least 1,000+ mg of CBD.


Backed by third-party testing, all CBD products from Botanika Life are monitored so you know your CBD is clean and top-quality. Transparency of these findings can always be found on our website. Choosing products with tested, clean ingredients ensures that your CBD flight experience will be stress-free. 


By Emily Wegener

With a unique background as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Masters Degree in Teaching and experience in Psychology, Emily spends much of her time researching and trying out new holistic healing modalities.